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The Trumpet sits in the highest register of all Brass Instruments and is favoured for its jubilant and bright tone. Originally used as a signalling device in battles and hunting, there are examples of the trumpet going all the way back to 1500BCE, making it one of the oldest instruments in human history. Modern trumpets usually have three or four valves, which when engaged lengthen the distance the air must travel around the piping, resulting in changes in pitch.


The Trumpet is played by blowing air through nearly closed lips, a technique called embouchure, to produce a buzzing sound that causes a standing wave within the instrument. The range of the trumpet is limitless, although general fingerings go no higher than two octaves above middle C. Famous trumpet players include many early jazz players such as Louis Armstrong, Dizzie Gillespie and Roy Eldridge before Miles Davis came along and changed Jazz forever.


At Dawsons Music & Sound there are plenty of options to choose from, whether purchasing your first or your fifth. Professional grade trumpets sit alongside those that are perfect for beginners and we have all the biggest brass brands on display, from Yamaha to Stagg to Odyssey and Jupiter plus everything in between. We even have the newly designed plastic trumpet from pBone, something that may well change the course of brass instrument history with its cheaper and more lightweight design.

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