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Bass Tubas

Tubas have the boast that they are the lowest-pitched musical instrument in the brass family, and also the youngest. The baby of the brass section, if you will. Typically, an orchestra has a single tuba although an additional tuba may be requested. The tuba reinforces the bass voices of the strings and woodwinds. In concert, brass, and marching bands it is the principal bass instrument with around two to four tubas playing in unison.


How do Tubas work?


As with all brass instruments the sound is produced pressing the lips onto the mouthpiece. However, rather than blowing into the tuba, the lips are vibrated or buzzed. The air inside the tuba passes through a series of tubes before exiting the bell, where to sound can be heard. Essentially, the longer the tube, the lower the note. Inside the tuba there are a series of valves, which allow the tubing to be shortened or lengthened to change the tone and produce lower or higher notes.


Tubas Are Serious Instruments


Though many will associate the tuba as being the instrument of choice for underpinning comic effect in animation or children’s TV shows, the tuba is a highly nuanced musical instrument capable of executing exceptionally complex musical pieces – in the right hands. Just listen to Oystein Baadsvik play Vittorio Monti’s “Czardas” and tell us you aren’t impressed.


At Dawsons Music & Sound we stock the finest tubas from leading bands such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Levante, Odyssey, and Stagg.

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