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The Viola is the Violin’s larger sibling, providing a more bass heavy and deeper sound. In an orchestral setting it occupies the space between the violin and the cello, providing a vital sonic service. The Viola is similarly built to the Violin; however, it has no standard size like its smaller cousin so sizes can vary. The Viola often plays accompaniment parts although it sometimes finds use in in solo works with, famed composer Béla Bartók having written well known viola concertos.


 For centuries luthiers have been experimenting with the size and shape of Viola to improve upon its sound, trying to marry a light weight with a large body to retain the characteristic sound of the instrument. In the past luthiers experimented with making the body size larger, pushing the sound of the Viola more towards a Cello than a Violin, however in the modern age the focus is on making the instrument more ergonomic whilst keeping the inherent sound. Violas with cutaways, two extra bouts, even Viola’s constructed from carbon fibre have all found their way into the industry in the pursuit of perfect sound.


At Dawsons Music & Sound we have a wealth of options for your next Viola purchase. With big brands such as Yamaha, Hidersine, Stentor, and many more all calling us home, you can rest assured of a quality instrument when you purchase.

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