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  • Performance synthesizer with two oscillators and individual control of sync and tuning
  • High-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters for incredible sweeps
  • Choose monophonic or paraphonic modes with individual glide control
  • Four-by-eight modulation matrix that enables complex alteration and routing
  • Load and save up to 64 patches on the device, ideal for live performances
  • CV/Gate, CV mod plus MIDI In, Out and Thru for connecting and controlling separate hardware
  • This product is covered by a 2-year warranty and qualifies for a free replacement from Novation including UK transit costs in the highly unlikely event of failure


B STOCK - slight Cosmetic damage

Sometimes when a product is returned or delivered faulty we'll need to repair it and put it back to stock. All items have been professionally repaired and set up where applicable.

The powerful new Novation Circuit Mono Station Paraphonic Analogue Synthesiser is a next-generation sequenced monosynth that gets its roots from the legendary Bass Station II, complete with three sequencer tracks that benefit from the 32 velocity-sensitive multicolour pads. The Circuit monosynth has two oscillators, three distortion modes, plus one multi-mode filter that can be high-pass, low-pass or band-pass giving you easy creation of astonishing sound.

Unlimited sound creations

With the Circuit Mono Station, the sync and tuning parameters of its two oscillators can be independently controlled. It also contains four waveshapes (sawtooth, triangle, square and sample + hold), a sub-oscillator, ring modulation as well as noise generation. You can also get the frequency band you want by applying high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters that provide the smooth and rich feel of powerful analogue filters of the past.

Play it your way

Both monophonic and paraphonic modes are available in the Circuit Mono Station, with each oscillator controlled by its own sequencer. There are three sequencer tracks: two oscillator sequencers and one modulation sequencer. Users can manipulate gate length, switch patterns instantly, choose sync rate and mutate patterns.

A performance dream

A total of up to 64 patches can be loaded and saved on the Circuit Mono Station making it an animal on stage. You can also control other gear via the CV, gate and modulation outputs as well as with the MIDI In, Out and Thru. Passing an audio signal through the audio input opens up a world of analogue filtration and distortion letting you manipulate any audio source you want! Via USB, Circuit Mono Station can be plugged into Mac or PC, where unlimited patches can be managed and used on your tracks to truly define you as a performer.

V1.2 update

Use Circuit Mono Station as a sound design tool - The new Patch Flip feature turns Circuit Mono Station into a sound designer's dream.

Integrate more tightly with modular gear - You can now programme notes into the Mod Seq page to independently control your modular and CV gear with new pitch and gate control via the CV/GATE output.

Make widely evolving musical phrases - The Circuit Mono Station LFOs have been upgraded to allow you to decouple synced LFOs from key sync. This means sequences can benefit from longer LFOs staying in sync across several notes, perfect for making widely evolving musical phrases.

Add expression to sequences - The envelope has been upgraded and you can now choose to have legato or retriggered envelopes. This choice gives an enormous amount of extra expression in your Circuit Mono Station sequences.

ModelCircuit Mono Station Paraphonic Analogue Synthesiser
Dimensions54 x 240 x 250mm (H x W x D)
Weight1.19Kg - 2.62lbs
PolyphonyMonophonic / Paraphonic
Connectivity Line Out - 1/4" TRS
Line In - 1/4" TRS
MIDI - In, Out, Thru - 1/8" TRS
Clouck - Out, In - 1/8" TRS
Note Out - CV, Gate - 1/8" TRS
Aux CV - 1/8" TRS
USB - Type B
12V DC In
Included Accessories USB cable
3 MIDI breakout cables
12V DC power supply included
Synth Engine Paraphonic - dual osc, single amp with separate control of each oscillator's pitch
64 Synth patches
2 Oscillators + sub osc (follows the pitch of osc 1)
Noise generator
Coarse and fine tune per osc
Waveform octave depth 16’, 8’, 4’ or 2’
Ring mod between osc 1 and 2
Included Software Access to the Sound Collective
Ableton Live Lite music making software
4 GB of Loopmasters sounds and samples
Free Melodics lessons

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