Novation Launchpad X MIDI Grid Controller

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  • Incredibly powerful and intuitive 64 pad MIDI grid controller
  • Works seamlessly with Ableton Live
  • Auto loads drum racks from Ableton Live
  • Auto colours Backlit pads in-line with Ableton clips ans scenes
  • Intuitive note mode lets you play digital instruments with velocity and pressure
  • Dedicated record capture button
  • MIDI assign controls to software of your choice
  • This product is covered by a 3-year warranty and qualifies for a free replacement from Focusrite including UK transit costs in the highly unlikely event of a failure
  • Comes loaded with an armada of software including Ableton Live Lite, XLN Addictive Keys a two month free Splice membership and membership of Novation Sound Collective.


Novation have been breaking new ground in the world of MIDI and audio control since its inception in 1992. The Launchpad X looks to mark 10 years since the first launchpad swept away all before it. The Launchpad X is a 64 grid MIDI controller with a host of functionality and made to work seamlessly with Ableton Live.

Release the Power of Ableton

Working effortlessly with Ableton Live, the Launchpad X looks to make the process of making, triggering and controlling music through Ableton as simple and intuitive as possible. With full integration to the controls within Ableton, there are no glitches, lag or digital hiccups when using the Launchpad X.

Precise, Sensitive backlit pads

The 8x8 grid boasts 64 backlit, customisable pads that are both velocity and pressure-sensitive. Aiming to create a new digital instrument the Launchpad X looks to capture every nuance of your performance or recording. There is also a dedicated record & capture button so you can instantly record any ideas immediately and without interruption.

Coordinated control

The RGB pads will mimic the colours of the clips and tracks you have in Ableton so you know what you are triggering or recording. If you have a drum rack loaded in Ableton the Launchpad X will automatically lay the drums out via the Grid so you can record drum lines instantly.


The Launchpad X has several modes. When in note mode it allows you to best use the velocity and pressure to articulate individual notes of the digital instruments loaded through Ableton. You can also set the Launchpad X to Scale and Chromatic modes. With 16 scales to choose this mode will only load the notes from any particular scale. Chromatic mode allows you to play out of key.

App Learning

The Launchpad X comes with several ways to learn and improve. Firstly new users can plug their new Launchpad X into their PC and learn controls via Launchpad Intro. There is also a companion app called Ampify Music Launchpad App. Connected via Ipad this allows a new user to trigger one-shots and loops. Along with Ableton Lite Launchpad X comes supplied with a two-month free subscription to Splice Sounds, the awesome XLN Audio addictive keys and Novation Sound Collective membership among much more free software.

ModelLaunchPad X
Included DAWAbleton Live 10 Lite
Ableton Live Integration Clip Launch/Stop
  • Scene Launch
  • Stop/Solo/Mute/Record Arm Track
  • Session Navigation
  • Capture MIDI
  • Session Record
  • Volume/Pan/Send A/ Send B Faders
  • Drum rack in note mode
  • 64 Velocity & Pressure Sensitive RGB pads
  • Mixer/Session Toggle
  • Record/Capture MIDI Button
  • 4 Session navigation buttons
  • In session mode: 8 Scene launchers
  • In mixer mode: Volume, Pan, Send A, Send B, Stop,Solo, Mute, Record Arm
Configurability4 Custom Modes to send CCs, Notes & Program Change messages via MIDI - create with Novation components.
USB PoweredYes

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