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String Instruments

String Instruments are those which produce sound from vibrating strings. String Instruments are played with a bow or plucked with fingers and if you wanna get technical, the Piano is classed as a string instrument as when you strike a key it moves a hammer which hits a string!


In String Instruments the sound is created when the vibrations of the strings are transmitted to the body of the instrument. The air inside the body vibrates which allows the audience to hear the vibration of the string amplified.


String Instruments in the traditional sense make up a large portion of an Orchestra, with upwards of 30 String Instruments occupying space on stage. Making up the vast portion of these seats are the Violins and Violas, which are responsible for the melodies and harmonies that sweep across the concert hall. The Viola is the slightly larger of the two, producing a warmer and richer sound than the bright and higher pitched Violin.


The Cello shares a similar look to that of its Violin and Viola brethren, however it occupies a space much wider on the musical spectrum, with thicker strings and a larger body. The Cello is known for being similar to the human voice, and can hit both high and low notes with equal aplomb. Cellos are responsible for both harmony and melody in an Orchestra and are considered extremely versatile instruments.


Lastly the Double Bass makes up the lower end of the spectrum of String Instruments. With its large size and long strings it can play all the low notes and are so big you need to stand to play them. Just like all String Instruments, you use your left hand to change the pitch by pressing down on the strings and your right to move the bow or pluck the string.

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