Pedaltrain Volto 2 9-Volt Rechargeable Pedal Power Supply

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  • Power supply that is perfect for analogue pedals that take a 9V battery
  • Equipped with two 9-volt outputs to keep you powered and ready to go
  • Hundreds of hours of lifetime recharges ensures longevity
  • Innovative battery tech provides an excellent alternative power source
  • Perfect for Pedaltrain's smaller pedalboards, NANO and MINI
  • Pocket-sized design that is lightweight and travels with you
  • Micro USB input for easy recharge via computer, mobile phone charger, or car charger - anywhere in the world
  • Includes charging dock, two Pedaltrain adhesive strips, micro-USB charging cable, daisy chain cables, and single-end cables


The Volto power supply by Pedaltrain is the perfect choice for pedal users who are always on their travels. It has been crafted with innovative, cutting edge battery technology that surpasses the old style of AC power supplies, ensuring it works quietly and effortlessly. The Volto is simple to set up and will suit any gigging or professional guitarist on the move.

Innovative and Powerful

The Volto has been crafted with advanced lithium-ion battery technology which makes this model so efficient yet so quiet. With two 9 volt outputs, the Volto can in fact reach a total power capacity of up to 2000mA. Nonetheless, fear not, although this supply is really powerful, it has a slick, compact appearance which means that it won’t take up much space on your pedal board. It is actually comparable to the size of a smartphone!

The Volto power supply will fit onto the rails of any Pedaltrain pedal board, and is ideal for the smaller models such as the NANO and MINI boards.

This power supply includes connecting cables to fasten it in, as well as an AC charger that has universal plug adapters, so you can recharge your Volto wherever you are.

The Pedaltrain Volto 2 9-Volt Rechargeable Pedal Power Supply grants you the ability to have a tidy set up on stage and can accompany you all over the world.

ModelVolto 2 9-Volt Rechargeable Pedal Power Supply
Dimensions (H x W x D) 95 x 84 x 19 mm
Connectors 2 x 9-Volt Outputs
Included Accessories
  • 1 charging dock with international connectors
  • 2 strips of Pedaltrain’s professional grade adhesive backed hook-and-loop for securing unit to pedal board
  • 1 micro-USB charging cable
  • 2 daisy chain cables (3 connectors per cable)
  • 2 single-end cables

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