Keyboard & Piano Buying Guides

When you're starting out, the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano can be confusing, or you may not have even considered it. In our guide below we discuss the advantages of both, so that you can make an informed decision.
Once you've decided, we also have separate guides on keyboards and digital pianos, giving our favourites and the features of each.

Keyboard or Digital Piano? - Buying Guide

If you are just starting out, the first question should be 'Do I want to play the keyboard or piano?' Our guide talks through the differences between the two.

Best Beginner Keyboard - Top 5

Our best beginner keyboard guide presents our top 5 keyboard recommendations for new players. The guide talks through the features of each and presents a range that will appeal to various budgets.

Best Digital Piano For Beginners

Our best beginner digital piano guide gives an overview of the advantages of digital pianos and showcases a few standout models that are amongst the most affordable available.

Stage Piano Buying Guide

'Stage piano' is an often-confused term, we give a simple but in-depth explanation of what a stage piano is in our mini guide and recommend a couple of low-cost options.