Pioneer HDJ-X10 Over Ear DJ Headphones

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  • Flagship over-ear DJ headphones with incredible sound quality
  • 50 millimetre dome type drivers deliver impressive frequency response
  • Powerful sound pressure levels, ideal for use in loud clubs
  • Cables can be detached and replaced to suit your needs
  • Smart folding and swivel design, wear them your way
  • Incredible comfort for long sessions without irritation
  • Pioneer's solid design guarantees peerless durability
  • Coiled and straight 4-core cables provided to suit your preference
  • Includes a 6.3 millimetre thread adapter and handy carry case
  • Includes a Pioneer 2-year warranty


The flagship Pioneer HDJ-X10 Over Ear DJ Headphones are the gold standard in DJ essential headgear. From festivals to clubs you need the highest resolution of sound and with an output that will give you the ability to perform your mixes with absolute precision. The HDJ-X10's are amongst the worlds-first headphones to produce audio ranging from 5 Hz to 40 kHz allowing you to hear every minute detail of your music and thus making a deeper connection to the mix.

The best in precision audio design

Equipped with incredible 50-mm drivers comprising of a newly developed diaphragm shape and voice coil, the HDJ-X10's deliver the richest bass through to sparkling treble with no interference or loss of quality through interfering mechanics. Even at loud volumes you will experience accurate point source monitoring putting you in total harmony with the mix. The HDJ-X10's also feature a bass reflex chamber in the upper housing so that you get incredible bass response whilst maintaining excellent insulation from external audio.

Built to be gigged

Out on the road headphones can take a lot of abuse over years of gigging. The Pioneer HDJ-X10's are capable of handling even the most hostile of situations. The exterior is crafted from a robust metal and has even cleared a US Military Standard Shock test (MIL-STD-810G). All moving parts are made from the same metal so even after years of twisting, dropping and day to day use, the HDJ-X10's are sure to maintain integrity.

It's not only damage that a life on the road can bring, eventually dirt and sweat can wear down ear-pads and headbands. With the HDJ-X10's this is simply not the case. A specially designed nano-web coating has been used on the polyurethane leather ear pads and headband to ensure that they can be cleaned with the greatest of ease so that comfort and audio will be unhindered for the lifetime of the headset.

Comfort refined

The Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones let you wear them any way you want, and ensure the best of comfort whilst you do. The housing design has been specifically designed to remove pressure from your head while its outside texture enhances grip. The headband and swivel mechanisms have also been redesigned to be more flexible and durable.

The Pioneer HDJ-X10 Over Ear DJ Headphones are not just a serious bit of audio gear but let's face it, they look incredible too, and to keep them in pristine condition Pioneer have supplied then in a neat carry case complete with interchangeable coiled and straight 4-core cables - The ultimate in professional DJ headgear.

ModelHDJ-X10 Over Ear DJ Headphones
Weight328g (Without Cable)
Driver Units50 mm dome type
Impedance32 Ohm
Frequency Response5 - 40000Hz
Maximum Input Power3500 mW
Sound Pressure Level106 dB
Transducer PrincipleClosed, dynamic
Cords 1.2 m short coiled cable (1.8 m extended length)
1.6 m straight cable
Included Accessories 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (threaded type)
Carry case

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