Pioneer HDJ-X7 Over Ear DJ Headphones

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From: £166.00


Currently out of stock
  • Superior over-ear DJ headphones with incredible sound quality
  • 50 millimetre dome type drivers deliver impressive frequency response
  • Large sound pressure levels, ideal for use in loud clubs
  • Coiled cable can be detached and replaced when required
  • Smart folding and swivel design, wear them your way
  • Incredible comfort for long sessions without irritation
  • Pioneer's solid design guarantees peerless durability
  • Coiled and straight cables provided to suit your preference
  • Includes a 6.3 millimetre thread adapter and handy carry pouch


Giving you more volume and better sound in the booth, the Pioneer HDJ-X7 Over-Ear DJ Headphones were designed in conjunction with DJs all over the world to produce a headset of outstanding quality. With their powerful 50mm dynamic drivers, comfortable components and durable build quality, these headphones are an example of the essence of Pioneer's Ethos.

Drive on!

The Pioneer HDJ-X7 headphones contain 50-millimetre dome type drivers that can deliver a frequency range from 5 to 30000Hz! This exceeds the human auditory range and ensures absolutely that no detail of your music will be missed. The drivers can also power out a sound pressure level of up to 102dB so that you won't struggle to hear your mixes even in the loudest of clubs.

That's not to say that the HDJ-X7's are all brawn and no beauty - yes the drivers are powerful but the level of sound quality is quite simply staggering. Rich yet natural bass, punchy midrange and treble that shimmers will gift your ears without compromise.

Refined comfort

The Pioneer HDJ-X7 headset was designed to be extremely comfortable because let's face it, they're going to be on your head a long time. The swivel designed cups, padded headband, and plush ear-pads work together to reduce the pressure on your head to the point where if it were not for the stunning sound, you might forget you were wearing them.

Comfort may be a paramount feature of the HDJ-X7's but whilst they are comfortable for you, they are hard for the trials they will have to endure being headphones that will be out on the road. A folding design and detachable cable also means they can be easily folded and placed in the included carry pouch for safe storage and transport.

The Pioneer HDJ-X7's definitely fall in the 'premium' catagory of headphones and will give your monitoring sound muscle with auditory finesse in a comfortable package.

ModelHDJ-X7 Over Ear DJ Headphones
Weight312g (Without Cable)
Driver Units50 mm dome type
Impedance36 Ohm
Frequency Response5 - 30000Hz
Maximum Input Power2000 mW
Sound Pressure Level102 dB
Transducer PrincipleClosed, dynamic
Cords 1.2 m short coiled cable (1.8 m extended length)
1.6 m straight cable
Included Accessories 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (threaded type)
Carry pouch

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