Planet Waves GHP Guitar Humidifier Pro

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Currently out of stock

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  • Protect your guitar with the Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier Pro
  • Protects against dry storage conditions
  • Designed with a hydrophilic sponge
  • Prevents cracks, warped necks and shrinkage
  • Evenly releases moisture when hanging from the strings
  • Features a stopper to check sponge status
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sponge holds 12x its weight in water
  • Convenient accessory to help guard your beloved guitar


For guitarists it is incredibly important to ensure you maintain your instrument to keep it in the best condition for a longer lifespan. It is fundamental to look after your guitar and its surrounding environment. By keeping your guitar in a dry place when it is not in use, it can cause damage to the instrument in various ways. Detrimental effects such as cracking, incorrect string action or string buzzing, warped necks and even top-sinking can arise if the level of moisture in the air is not managed.

To help preserve your guitar in even the driest of environments, Planet Waves bring you the Guitar Humidifier Pro. The humidifier has a specially designed sponge which can hold 12x its own weight in water, much more than your average humidifying sponge. This allows for a longer timeframe between each time you need to re-fill and it consequently provides more protection for the guitar.

The humidifier is merely hung from the strings when not in use and does not touch the body whatsoever. The stopper enables you to check the condition of the sponge without taking it out and also works to keep the humidifier in place.

Using and maintaining the Guitar Humidifier Pro is easy and it will protect against the adverse effects previously mentioned that can occur in dry surroundings. The GHP will ensure that your guitar is well-looked after in structure and sound for many years to come, making it a worthy guitar accessory.


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