Lounge Amps

Compact Gear for the home musician

In an ideal world every room of your house/flat/multi-room yurt would be equipped with an amp. With that not being particularly realistic we’ve put together a collection of some of the most portable, best-sounding and best-looking small amplifiers available to the home player. With compact dimensions and low weight, these won’t take up much space and can be moved easily, so you won’t get any grief from your co-inhibitors, and they offer tonality that belies their size.

  • Line 6 Amplifi 75

    Line 6 Amplifi 75 Electric Guitar Amplifier

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  • Line 6 Amplifi 150

    Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus

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  • Line 6 Amplifi

    The new Line 6 Amplifi Series offers a 5- speaker system is comprised of a custom guitar speaker, 2 bass-mid drivers and 2 tweeters, for an immersive, full-range sound.

    With the AMPLIFi app loaded on your iOS device you can create your own combinations of pedals, effects, and cabinet models and store them for instant access later, or search the online community for other user’s presets.

    You can also play music wirelessly through the Amplifi’s four speakers, with Bluetooth streaming for Android, iOS, Mac or PC, while your guitar can be heard through the custom speaker.

Blackstar IDC

Available in 2 x 5W, 2 x 10W, 2 x 20W models, the Blackstar ID:Core Series offers some of the more affordable amps here but they are packed with features that belie their price; with small size and huge tone.

With seven years R&D behind them, the ID:Core Series offer a combination of versatile programmability and traditional amp controls. Six Voice settings, consisting of: Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1, and OD 2 can be combined with Blackstar’s patented ISF control to take the tone from your mind and put it through the amp. This is in addition to the studio-quality modulation, delay, and reverb effects.

You can take your tone further by editing and storing your own patches with Blackstar’s free software: Insider. Along with the deep editing options, this software opens you up to an online community where you can upload and share your patches and download other user’s patches for use with your Blackstar ID:Core amp.

Also available to you with the ID Core Series is USB connectivity for recording straight to your computer, emulated output and MP3/line input.

  • Fender Mustang I

    Although the smallest of its series, the Fender Mustang I V2 offers just as much versatility and muscle as it’s larger brothers. It offers 20-watts powering through an 8” Fender Special Design speaker, 17 amp models, a mass of effects, intelligent pitch-shifting, and 24 onboard presets.

    Connect to your computer via USB and you can utilise Fender’s free software, Fuse. This offers on-screen parameter control, deep editing, additional effects, unlimited preset storage, online preset swapping with the Fender Fuse community, and free Fender artist presets.

  • Fender Mustang I V2 - Black

    Fender Mustang I V2 Guitar Combo Amplifier - Black

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  • Fender Mustang I V2 - White

    Fender Mustang I V2 Guitar Combo Amplifier - White

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  • Yamaha THR5

    Yamaha THR5 Amplifier

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  • Yamaha THR10

    Yamaha THR10 Amplifier

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  • Yamaha THR

    Designed from the ground up as bespoke practice amps, the Yamaha THR Series crams in a mountain of tone into some seriously compact dimensions via Yamaha’s exclusive (VCM) technology, which gives the THR Series the power to model valve amps accurately.

    The Yamaha THR5 has five amp choices, while the THR10 offers an additional three. Both offer hi-fi stereo sound and modelled stompbox effects, in addition to delays and reverbs based on Yamaha’s industry standard audio mixers.

    All this and the THR5 weighs just 2kg and the THR10, 2.8kg. Throw in a set of AA batteries and you have an absolutely awesome, truly portable amp.

  • Roland Cube GX

    The Roland Cube Series is known for providing a wealth of tonal options, excellent sound quality, versatility and tank-like construction in really affordable packages. A perfect example of this is the Roland Micro Cube GX, which is both small and loud and offers eight amp types to choose from: Acoustic Sim, JC Clean, Black Panel, Brit Combo, Classic Stack, R-Fier Stack, Extreme, and Mic. There are also five effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, and Heavy Octave, alongside Delay, Reverb, and Spring. When you find settings that you just don’t to lose, the Roland Cube GX has you covered with a memory function and there’s even a handy built-in tuner.

    All this can be taken anywhere with you, as the Roland Micro Cube GX can be powered for approximately 25 hours from six AA batteries, and weighs just 2.7kg.

    In addition the Roland Cube GX Series offers i-CUBE LINK. This provides a built-in audio interface that allows you to easily connect your amp to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and utilise recoding and practice apps. This includes Roland’s free app, Cube Jam, which helps you to learn difficult guitar parts or record your playing and email it to yourself or others.

  • Roland Micro Cube GX

    Roland Micro Cube GX Electric Guitar Amplifier - Black

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