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Roland Keyboards

From the Roland GO:PIANO portable digital piano to their V-Combo BR-09-B Live Performance Keyboard, the Japanese giant knows how to cater to the needs of all players accordingly. Not only that, but they go to prove that you do not have to shell out a small fortune to get your hands on great gear.

Roland Synthesizers

Industry icons such as the Juno, SH-1000, System-100, Jupiter-4 and 8, SH-101 and many more are all from the Roland family of synths. We are talking about hardware that has shaped music, pop culture, and continues to be some of the most sought-after hardware today. So much so that re-releases like the JU-06A, Juno-DS61 and DS-88, Aira System 1, SH-01A and more garner high praise and sell out rapidly.

Roland Workstations

The Roland Fantom is the go-to workstation for many producers around the world and with good reason. Boasting all-in-one production capabilities, it is an absolute powerhouse for those who prefer a streamlined workflow and tactile control over their songwriting and production. Without touching another piece of hardware or software you can go from inception to finished product with a Fantom, which is a rare and special talent indeed.

Roland Stage and Digital Pianos

From their proprietary SuperNATURAL sound engine to the impeccable lifespan of their products, Roland have the building of stage and studios pianos down to an artform. The road-ready RD-88 digital piano that is a main stay on so many professional’s live rigs, thanks in no small part to the fact that it’s ivory feel piano-touch keyboard offers world-class playability and responsiveness, it is chockfull of authentic sounds thanks to the SuperNATURAL sound engine, has a readily available sound library packed full of soft synths to play with, and controls aplenty for absolute tactile control.

From their uprights in the LX series to their Grands in the GP series, Roland apply the same level of reverence to their digital pianos that you would expect from these masters of their craft. Not only do Roland digital pianos sound exquisite but they are rather easy on the eyes too.