Redwood Castille 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Starter Pack - Natural

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Three-quarter size classical guitar pack that is perfect for beginners or younger players
  • Made with quality hardwoods for excellent projection and timbre
  • Classic Spanish-inspired design
  • Nylon stringed, gentler for learners fingers
  • Suitable for classical, folk, Latin and more
  • Light top and dark back and sides provide contrast
  • Ideal as a travel guitar for adults
  • Includes gig bag, clip-on tuner and a set of guitar strings


The Redwood Castille 3/4 Size Classical Guitar pack in Natural is a superb choice for beginners, children, and those who prefer to play a guitar with smaller dimensions than a full-size model. Redwood has done its utmost to ensure the best value for money, by incorporating fantastic tonewoods and maintaining a high level of quality throughout the construction of the guitar. Included in this pack are the Redwood Castille 1/2 Size Classical Guitar, Armourdillo Economy 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Bag, Aroma AT-01A Clip-On Tuner and a set of Stagg CL-NT-AL Classical Guitar Strings to get you up and playing as soon as possible.

The Redwood Castille is complimented by a set of nylon strings that lend themselves to folk, classical, Latin and many more styles of music. Nylon strings are also gentler on finger-ends and so are ideal for building up strength and toughening skin.

For the construction of the Redwood Castille, quality hardwoods have been selected. Not only does this produce an excellent tone but also ensures durability and the aptness to withstand the bangs and knocks that a guitar receives from time to time.

Following the classic style of Spanish guitars, this classical model is extremely suitable for beginners. A light coloured top and darker back and sides give some visual contrast while an eye-catching soundhole rosette adds some class to the proceedings. This tried and tested style of guitar will ensure you can start on a path to learning guitar well.

Armourdillo Economy 3/4 Classical Guitar Bag

Protecting your guitar and making it easier to transport doesn’t have to be expensive. The Armourdillo Economy 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Bag is made from densely webbed canvas to offer better protection that just about any other gigbag at this price point and is designed to fit pretty much any 3/4 size classical/nylon-strung guitar.

Along with being robust enough to protect your guitar from minor knocks and scratches the Armourdillo Economy 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Bag also gives you two carrying options. The gig bag has a strong handle for carrying with one-hand and backpack-style straps for carrying on your back, to leave your hands free.

The Armourdillo Economy 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Bag also has a large pocket on its front that’s perfect for carrying music books and all the essential accessories such as spare strings, tuner, plectrums/picks, strap, etc.

Aroma AT-01A Clip On Guitar Tuner

The compact Aroma AT-01A clip-on guitar tuner presents an accurate and vibrant way to tune your Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bass and more. With its clearly lit display, this little gadget makes light of your tuning requirements.

The AT-01A uses vibration to give you the most accurate tuning even in noisier environments. Simply clip onto any stringed instrument and begin to play. the chromatic capability of the AT-01A means you can tune-up to any scaled tuning of your choice.

The head of the AT-01A also rotates so that you get the best viewing angle whilst the lights provide you with a clear read-out whilst looking clean and modern.

The Aroma AT-01A Clip-On Guitar Tuner can run from a single CR2032 watch-style battery and is a practical and funky way to get accurate tuning of your preferred string instruments.

Stagg CL-NT-AL Classical Guitar String Set - Normal Tension

The Stagg CL-NT-AL classical guitar string set represents outstanding value for money. These nylon wound, silver-plated strings produce a beautiful and natural tone that will never fail to impress, and compliment your classical guitar perfectly. Keeping an extra set of strings to hand is always a great idea for any guitarist, and at such a low price, it would be silly not to!

Stagg is very strong at producing quality goods for an exceptional price and the CL-NT-AL string set is no exception to the rule. Keep them in your guitar case and be secure in the knowledge that you always have a backup set of strings to hand.

ModelCastille Classical Guitar
Top MaterialHardwood
Back & SideHardwood
Neck MaterialHardwood
Fingerboard MaterialHardwood
Body ShapeClassical
Guitar Size3/4
Number of Strings6
Included AccessoriesArmoudillo Economy 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Bag
Aroma AT-01A Clip On Guitar Tuner
Stagg CL-NT-AL Classical Guitar String Set

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