Redwood CG-234L Left Handed Classical Guitar

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  • Three quarter-size left-handed classical guitar
  • Ideal for new players, younger guitarists, and those who're looking for a model to travel with
  • Lightweight laminated basswood creates a comfortable and supportive playing feel
  • Sturdy hardwood neck with slim, wide profile is a joy to perform on
  • Smooth engineered wood fingerboard provides a luxurious playing feel
  • Combination of steel and nylon strings enables players to increase finger strength whilst improving dexterity
  • Beautiful natural finish to the top is complemented by dark sides and ornate soundhole rosette


The Redwood CG-234L Left-Handed Classical Guitar with Natural finish, is an excellent choice for beginners who are embarking on their musical journey. Built to a three quarter scale, this accommodating model is much easier for new players to get to grips with, whilst the addition of nylon strings guarantees a more comfortable playing feel across the neck.

Solid Construction

The Redwood CG-234L body is built using laminated basswood, a tonewood that is favoured for its balanced frequency response and timbre that is infused with a generous warmth. Basswood also has the favourable quality of being light in weight, which lends itself beautifully to its comfortable playing feel. As it is laminated, the basswood is given greater durability and resilience in coping with changing in temperature and humidity. Not only does this preserve the beautiful natural finish, but aids the guitar in producing a vibrant response for as long as possible.

Comfortable Neck

Fitted to the body is a solid hardwood neck, which carries on the comfortable playing feel thanks to its slim, wide neck profile. The beauty of this design means that hands can reach around the neck with ease, whilst the wide surface makes it accommodating for fingers to fret strings without unintentionally muting others. Paired with the neck is an engineered wood fingerboard, which is home to 18-frets for you to navigate. The three lower strings are made from steel, whilst the three higher strings are made from nylon, allowing you to produce those dulcet classical tones. The nylon strings make it far easier for younger players to increase their finger strength whilst improving dexterity.

Resilient Hardware

The body is equipped with a hardwood bridge, which anchors each string securely to optimise intonation and sustain across each string. At the top of the neck is a fixed nut, which supports each strong to guarantee uniform string tension. The gold-finished tuning machines work tirelessly to uphold tuning integrity, so that throughout each and every performance you can rest assured that each string will ring out truly.

The Redwood CG-234L Left-Handed Classical Guitar is perfect for younger players, beginners, those who prefer a smaller scale model, and those who’re looking for guitar for travelling with. The lightweight feel and scaled down dimensions make it this guitar a joy to practise and perform with, and the high quality finishing touches ensure that the CG-234L looks as good as it sounds.

ModelCG-234L Left-Handed Classical Guitar
Body Size3/4
Body MaterialLaminated Basswood
Neck MaterialHardwood
Fingerboard MaterialEngineered Wood
Number of Strings6
String MaterialSteel/Nylon

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