Redwood Jacquard Floral Guitar Strap - Blue

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Ornate Jacquard floral pattern guitar strap in blue
  • Crafted using high grade nylon to maximise strength and endurance
  • Provides comfort during the longest of performances
  • Can be adjusted to suit your playing style and preference
  • Can be fitted to any electric or acoustic guitar
  • Excellent guitar strap for amateurs and professionals of all ages


The Redwood Jacquard Floral Guitar Strap in Blue features an intricately woven pattern that stretches along the length of the strap that is a thing of beauty. The nylon strap isn't just a treat for the eyes, it also provides a resilient hold during performances to guarantee that no matter how enthusiastic your playing style, you can rest assured that your strap will hold true. Whether you play an acoustic or an electric, the Redwood Jacquard Floral guitar strap is perfect for both.

Strong, comfortable and durable

The Redwood Jacquard Guitar Strap has been made using a strong nylon weave complete with stitched faux leather endings making it incredibly durable. Whether you play acoustic or electric, guitar or bass this strap will suit all.

Adjustable size

The strap is also adjustable so no matter what your height or playing position reference, it can be adjusted to suit you and your instrument. The top end also comes with a string connection to be easily tied onto the neck of an acoustic.

ModelJacquard Floral Guitar Strap

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