Redwood TL-Mini Electric Guitar - Natural

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  • Beautiful natural finish with three-ply tortoise pickguard
  • Alder body is great for executing a wide range of musical styles
  • Lightweight feel and deep double-cutaway offer great comfort
  • Hard maple neck has a solid, supportive playing feel
  • 22-fret maple fingerboard with dot position inlays to guide your way
  • Matte coating protects the neck's finish and enables a fast playing feel
  • Sealed die-cast tuning machines with chrome-style finish provide reliable tuning
  • Pair of single-coil pickups suit a wide range of musical styles
  • Fantastic electric guitar ideal for beginners


The Redwood TL-Mini Electric Guitar in Natural is an awesome model that is perfect for beginners and young players who are taking their first steps in picking up an instrument. Combining sublime tonewoods with a solid build quality, the TL-Mini is an outstanding guitar that boasts a robust output that is perfect for laying down chunky riffs and smooth licks. The scaled-down dimensions of the TL-Mini means that those who find full-size models cumbersome, will appreciate the shorter neck scale length, and slimmer profile.

Cool alder body

The body of TL-Mini has been shaped to an instantly recognisable single-cutaway profile, with a solid body that imparts a robust and confident playing feel. The slender curves of the body allows it to rest comfortably against yours as you perform, ensuring that you will adore performing with your TL-Mini.

The body is built using alder, a tonewood that is favoured by many manufacturers thanks to its exquisitely balanced timbre. Boasting a tonal arsenal that produces softly rounded lows, chunky mids with plenty of punch, and sparkling highs, alder is suited to a huge range of musical styles from smooth blues to heavy rock. As well as boasting an enviable tonal range, alder is also a very lightweight wood, lending itself beautifully to the TL-Mini's comfortable playability.

Canadian hard maple neck

Redwood has employed a bolt-on construction method to fit the Canadian hard maple neck to the body. The benefit of this is that it guarantees a solid rigidity that makes the neck firm and supportive for the fretting hand, as well as transferring the energy from the strings with maximum efficiency. The back of the neck has been treated to a matte finish, preventing unwanted stickiness from affecting the playability of the neck. Married to the neck is a 22-fret maple fingerboard, with dot position inlays to guide your way. Maple creates a responsive feel, whilst holding up well to consistent playing so that you can pick up and play anytime.


The TL-Mini is equipped with a pair of single-coil pickups that are fitted in the neck and bridge positions. Each pickup offers a smooth output at low volumes, breaking up a little bit to produce a sizzle and bite when cranked up. The pickups are fantastic for performing bluesy rock, tight and articulate country, loose jazz licks, aggressive hard rock, and cheeky funks chops - whatever you want to play, the TL-Mini will happily perform spectacularly. Alternatively, you can dial is back and appreciate the smoothness of the output with exceptional clarity throughout.

Control over the pickups comes in the form of single master volume and tone controls, with a three-way pickup selector switch that enables you to select either pickup individually, or combine the output of both for a wider and fuller sounding output.

Hardware and finish

The headstock is fitted with sealed die-cast tuning machines, which secure strings firmly so that once you have set your desired tuning, it remains that way throughout each and every performance. The body is home to a vintage-style steel bridge, which creates a seamless connection between the strings and body to optimise intonation and sustain. The body is finished in an understated yet stylish natural, with 3-ply tortoise pickguard protecting the top around the pickups and upper bout.

ModelTL-Mini Electric Guitar
Scale Length564mm
NeckCanadian Hard Maple
Neck FinishMatte
Pickups Neck: Single-Coil
Bridge: Single-Coil
Pickguard3-ply White
BridgeVintage Steel
Tuning MachinesSealed Die-Cast
Number of Strings6
Posted on 03/10/2019 by Looks great, pretty good finish, I love short-scales and maple necks are rare, forget all that 'kids guitar' and 'starter' stuff, you could blindfold test this with a much more expensive Telecasters (I've got some) but ... why do manufacturers/shops sell instruments that are so badly set up? The tuners are fine for the price but really needed tightening up (nearly all tuning probs on gtrs are the nut sticking, not the tuners, WD40 or pencil lead will sort that) and the intonation (vibrating string length) and action was way out, but the key provided fixed that in a few minutes. I also tweaked the truss rod to get the neck perfect but it wasn't bad anyway Pickups are a little thin sounding but for £90 it's a really good buy.
Posted on 13/04/2019 by sounds great
Posted on 26/05/2018 by This is one amazing little guitar and staggeringly good value. Most of the discussion on-line refers to it as a 'beginners' or 'first' guitar for youngsters. It will, of course, happily fulfil this role. However, I am an adult who has played for decades who just happens to like compact guitars. In my time I have owned other short scale guitars, for example, two Rickenbacker 325s (John Lennon's type) at 15 times the cost and this little machine beats them hands down! It arrived from Dawson's the day after I ordered (top marks for their speedy service). Out of the box, the strings were slack, so they took a couple of hours to settle down and I lowered the action on the top e and b strings (three saddle adjustment, simple hex key). Apart from that, it is plug in and play. Superbly built, bags of personality, full of the genuine tele-style sound - Keith Richards riffs just spring right out of it (standard tuning or not). I cannot fault the quality of this little instrument. The alder body, too has a pleasantly mature colour to it. The neck is an utter pleasure to play. In summary: sound, playability, construction and appearance are all superb! Don't hesitate to get one!

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