Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier Combo

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  • Awesome 40-watt combo amplifier from the Roland JC Series
  • Stereo amplifier with a pair of 10-inch speakers
  • Mono input as well as stereo input for true stereo sound
  • Stereo input is perfect for use with modellers and stereo effects pedals
  • Roland's signature "Dimensional Space Chorus" effect for expansive stereo sound
  • Built-in effects for exceptional tone shaping including vibrato, distortion, and reverb effects


The Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier Combo marks the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the iconic Jazz Chorus guitar amp series. This little beauty is a clean tone purist's dream, offering the sublime "JC Clean" tone and signature Dimensional Space Chorus effect that has been revered by guitarists for decades. Roland haven't stopped there either; the team has packed the JC-40 with a range of features to accommodate the demands of modern players. Inside this tonal powerhouse is a range of built-in effects, mono and stereo input options for those who like to incorporate stereo effects units into their rig, as well as a stereo effects loop to introduce some delightful overdrive into the pre-amp.

Epic Jazz Clean Tone

Since its first appearance back in 1975, the Jazz Chorus series has taken pride of place in many a guitarist's live rig and studio setup. The smooth cleans offered by these exceptional amps are so beloved thanks to Roland's cleverly designed stereo amplification system, and "Dimensional Space Chorus" effect. The JC-40 boasts a modern approach to a classic design, with two independent power amps powering custom-designed 10-inch speakers that deliver a punchy stereo output that is truly breath-taking.

Powerful Onboard Effects

The JC-40 has been treated to a selection of powerful onboard effects that allow you to give your tone the lift that is needed before you even need to employ outboard pedals or rack units. The Dimensional Space Chorus offers selectable fixed or manual modes for increased and improved tonal range, whilst the newly-designed vibrato and reverb operate in stereo for tonal delivery that is infused with richness and depth. The built-in distortion allows you to crank up your output to create a smooth overdriven tone, or an all-out wall of noise.

Mono or Stereo – Your Choice

As well as the customary mono input, the JC-40 is equipped with a true stereo input that enables you to make the most of the wide-stereo image presented by the dual amp/dual speaker arrangement – perfect for those who are looking to make the most of integrating external stereo effects pedals. Whether it’s amp modelling, multi-effects, synths, modulation or rotary speaker emulators, the JC-40 encourages you to create stereo perfection.

Get Connected

Spin around to the rear panel and you’ll find a plethora of connectivity options. For times when you wish to practise silently, you’ll find the headphones output at your disposal – preserving your relationships with family, friends and neighbours. The effects loop is designed to accommodate mono or stereo devices, and also offers selectable serial or parallel operation. For times when you require a reliable output to a mono or stereo feed to a mixing desk or recording unit, jacks provide a convenient mono or stereo feed to a mixing board or recorder, simply connect to the Line Out connection. The footswitch connection allows you to connect up your footswitch of choice to enable real-time control over the onboard chorus/vibrato, reverb, and distortion effects on/off during performances.

Robust Roland Build Quality

As you’d expect from a company with the experience that Roland has, and an amp that hails from a series that has proven itself to be more than adept at handling life on the road, the Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier Combo is as tough as they come. The rugged, road-ready construction will guarantee that this amp is well equipped to take anything you can throw at it – whether you’re in the studio or hitting the stage -, and keep coming back for more.

ModelJC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier Combo
EffectsDistortion, Reverb, Vibrato
Wattage40 Watts
Connectivity Inputs - Left/Mono; Right
Outputs - Headphones; Line Out - Right,Left/Mono; Effect Loop - Return
Channels Two - (Clean and Crunch)
Speaker2 x 10"
ControlsBright - On/Off; Volume; Treble; Middle; Bass; Distortion; Reverb; Speed; Depth; Vib/Chorus - Vib/Off/Manual/Fixed; Power
Unique Features Roland's "Dimensional Space Chorus" Effect

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