Roland TD-17KL V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit Bundle

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  • Everything you need to get started on your drumming journey
  • Affordable electronic kit that boasts pro-level hardware and software
  • Hone your technique in style on meticulously designed pads that are designed to accurately reproduce the feel of an acoustic kit
  • Sound module inherits expressive dynamics from flagship TD-50
  • Durable hardware built to the same high standards expected of Roland
  • Choose from a huge selection of preset kits, then customize to suit
  • Built-in daily exercise routine ensures consistent progression
  • Includes Throne, Drumsticks, Headphones and Bass Drum Pedal


The Roland TD-17KL V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit Bundle is the perfect choice for drummers who need an all-in-one solution that contains a responsive electronic kit at an affordable price. Designed to recreate the feel of acoustic drums to better hone coordination and technique, the TD-17KL boasts an extensive range of functions that allows you to progress from beginner to pro in no time at all.

Familiar playing feel

The TD-17KL is designed to recreate the authentic feel and playability of an acoustic kit, making the transition between acoustic and electronic kit as seamless as can be. The sound module is based on Roland's flagship TD-50 sound engine and delivers a lightning-fast response, as well as the character and tone of an acoustic kit that will satisfy the most discerning of drummers.

Designed to make you a better drummer

Whether you're starting out or have many years of drumming under your fingers, there are always new things to learn and techniques to master. With this in mind, Roland have equipped the TD-17 module with an impressive Coach Mode that helps with your daily exercises. Whether you're warming up before band practise or a gig, fine-tuning your chops, mastering tempo and timing, and even pushing your stamina to the extreme, the intuitive interface makes it easy get up and running. Track your progress as you go, and a detailed score will keep you motivated as you go from strength to strength.

Impressive connectivity

From jamming along to classic tracks to warming up before taking to the stage, you can playback your performance through your headphones, record each one using the onboard recorder and capture audio to an SD card. You can then listen back to your recordings to note areas for improvement.

Excellent durability

As we've come to expect from the team at Roland, the TD-17KL V-Drum electronic kit is built to take a pounding. The sound module and pads are engineered with endurance at their core, upholding exceptional playability time after time. The kit is scalable and can grow as your playing and demands develop. You can rest assured that when it comes to mastering your craft, Roland V-Drums have you covered from amateur to professional level.

Electronic Drums Add On Pack

The Electric Drums Add On Pack 2 is perfect for anyone starting the intense journey of learning to play the drums. This pack contains three essential items including; an Essentials Percussion Drum Throne, a pair of Essentials HP-1 Headphones, a pair of Essentials 5A Drumsticks, and an Essentials Percussion Bass Drum Pedal, all at a discounted price!

Essentials Drum Throne

A comfortable, double-braced, and fully height adjustable professional drum throne. The Essentials Drum Throne is a lightweight and portable throne, yet extremely stable thanks to its steel construction. The threaded steel shaft supports the round padded seat, offering comfort while practising or performing.

Essentials Drumsticks Natural 5A

The Essentials 5A Natural Drumsticks are an extremely popular type of stick that combines usable length with well-balanced weight. These sticks are of great quality and use a traditional natural finish.

Essentials HP-1 Headphones

A pair of headphones is always an important choice for any musician, especially drummers, with the Essentials HP-1 headphones you can practice silently with excellent sound quality and dynamic range and without having the neighbours banging on the walls. The HP-1 Headphones have a 2.5m cable length, so you're never too restricted, and a 3.5mm jack plug that can be used for in most headphone sockets.

Essentials Percussion Bass Drum Pedal

The heavy-duty Essentials Bass Drum pedal provides lightning-fast response times in an extremely road-worthy package. The pedal uses a rugged construction with a fine-tuned control that allows the Essentials Percussion Bass Drum Pedal to keep on giving.

ModelTD-17KV V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit
Dimensions (H x W x D)1200 x 1300 x 1100 mm
Kit configuration
  • Drum sound module: TD-17-L x 1
  • Snare: PDX-8 x 1
  • Tom: PD-8A x 3
  • Hi-hat: CY-5 x 1
  • Hi-hat control pedal: FD-9 x 1
  • Crash: CY-8 x 1
  • Ride: CY-8 x 1
  • Kick: KD-10 x 1
  • Drum Stand: MDS-4V
Extra trigger input jack2 (CRASH 2, AUX)
Included Accessories
  • Sound module mount
  • AC adaptor
  • Special connection cable
  • Drum key
  • Setup guide
  • Owner's manuals
Options (sold separately)
  • Drum stand: MDS series
  • Cymbal mount: MDY series
  • Pad mount: MDH series
  • Personal drum monitor: PM series
  • V-Drums accessory package: DAP-3X
  • V-Drums mat: TDM series
  • Noise eater: NE-100, NE-10
  • Kick pedal
  • SD card
AccessoriesEssentials Drum Throne
Essentials Drumsticks 5A Natural
Essentials HP-1 Headphones
Essentials Percussion Bass Drum Pedal

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