Rotosound SM66 Swing Steel Bass Guitar Strings

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Steel wound set of bass guitar strings
  • Most popular set of strings Rotosound have ever produced
  • High-energy output with bright and responsive tone
  • Thicker gauge ensures optimal sustain


The Rotosound SM66 Swing Bass guitar strings were first introduced back in 1962, and have grown to become the most popular strings they've ever produced. When you can list players such as Billy Sheehan, John Paul Jones and Geddy Lee amongst those who favour the SM66N, you know it has to be pretty special.

The bright and punchy energy produced by the SM66 strings, lent themselves perfectly to the high-octane playing styles associated with bassists in the 1960s. John Entwistle favoured the tones produced by these strings, and in order to achieve his ideal tone, actually worked with Rotosound to perfect the strings' design to give them a tighter response by thickening the core, as well as making the overall gauges heavier.

Over time many other high-profile professionals have turned to the SM66 strings to take advantage of their superb response, playing feel and reliability. From Metal to Jazz, players across the genres love the faithful representation of your playing technique. Whether you're looking to yield soft, fingerpicked notes, execute heavily picked strumming or energetic slapping, the Rotosound SM66 bass guitar strings will help you find your perfect tone with ease.

Manufacturer Rotosound
Model SM66N Swing Bass Guitar Strings Steel
Material Steel
Gauges G: 40
D: 60
A: 80
E: 100

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