Sennheiser E845 Dynamic Microphone

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  • Dynamic super-cardioid microphone isolates sound source from background noise for a clearer signal
  • Extended high frequency range to capture the subtle nuances in the timbre of your voice
  • Handles high sound pressure levels for the most powerful of voices
  • Isolates handling noise with hum compensating coil to accommodate the most energetic of performances
  • Excellent feedback rejection to prevent unwanted distortion
  • Rugged metal housing that stands up well to relentless touring schedules
  • Includes microphone clip and carry pouch


The Sennheiser E845 microphone was designed with more focus and more presence at the forefront. The dynamic, supercardioid capsule is specifically designed for close-source applications. Perfect for voice or instrument, the Sennheiser E845 will capture your desired sound source with full and faithful frequency capture whilst keeping any unwanted background signal at bay.

The outer casing of the Sennheiser E845 dynamic microphone is a metallic grey and designed to take all the abuse that comes with a life out on the road. Solid as a rock yet weighing in at only 330 grams, this remarkable piece of kit is akin to an ergonomic tank. Ready to blow you away but without inflicting any discomfort.

The Sennheiser E845 comes with a natural feedback rejection system so this microphone is easy to mix and EQ when time is of the essence and don't be afraid to stick it inside a bass drum either, its 1,8 mV/Pa sensitivity means it can handle incredibly loud sound pressure levels.

To get you started right away, the Sennheiser E845 dynamic microphone comes complete with a microphone clip to mount it to any stand and also a carry pouch to keep it tucked up when not in use. Sennheiser are renowned for producing some of the worlds greatest microphones and they have employed all this premium technology and managed to cram it into a microphone with a frankly staggering price for its quality.

ColourMetallic grey
DimensionsØ 46 x 185 mm
ConnectivityOutput: XLR
Frequency Response 40 Hz - 16 kHz
Microphone TypeDynamic
Microphone Polar PatternSupercardoid
Sensitivity1,8 mV/Pa
Impedance350 Ohm
Included AccessoriesMicrophone clip, carry puch
Posted on 30/03/2014 by Having used Shure SM 58s for many years the Sennheiser is so clearer. I did a test once as one of the bands I was in had 4 SM 58s. I put them all through the same channel in the desk, one after the other. Everyone sounded different, this was many years ago before the flood of copies that can be bought. Early eighties! I did the same test with the Sennheiser's although only with two microphones. Both had the same sound. The clarity is much clearer than the 58, for singing or any application this is a must. I would recommend these mic's or at least give them a try, I think you will be shocked!

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