Seymour Duncan Woody HC SA-3HC Acoustic Pickup

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Quick-mount, passive, magnetic soundhole pickup for easy acoustic amplification
  • Hum cancelling ensures a clear output
  • Instant-mount in an acoustic soundhole from 3.85-4.10 inches
  • Housed in a maple cover and double potted
  • Warm, rich tones with no 60-cycle hum
  • Great for strumming and delicate fingerstyle playing
  • Includes studio-quality 14 foot cable.
  • Works with any guitar amplifier (acoustic guitar amp preferred), or plugged directly into P.A. systems or mixing consoles


The Seymour Duncan Woody HC SA-3HC Acoustic Pickup instantly turns your acoustic into an electro-acoustic. The simple design means you simply have to slot the pickup into your guitar's soundhole to have instant plugged in tone.

Seymour Duncan have designed the HC SA-3HC to be suitable for the vast majority of acoustic soundholes from 3.85 to 4.10 inches. The pickup is totally passive, so you do not need a battery. As such, once you've installed the pickup over your soundhole, you can begin playing right away. This also means it is instantly ready to be plugged into an acoustic amplifier or a mixer.

The pickup has a hum cancelling feature which ensures you get a clean signal, and the included 14 foot cable is studio grade, so your tone is in safe hands. This pickup transfers your natural acoustic sound output, whether you prefer fingerstyle playing or strumming big chords.

The maple cover makes the pickup look cool, and it fits in well with the aesthetics of acoustic guitars. The HC SA-3HC works with all amps, although Seymour Duncan recommend using acoustic guitar amps for best results. You can also plug straight into a PA system for mixing and recording.

The Woody series of pickups by Seymour Duncan have a compact design, so when you do not need to use it you can take it off the soundhole and store it safely away in your guitar case. The pickup is as easy to detach as it is to attach for a hassle-free performance. For those who play a bright-sounding acoustic guitar, the HC SA-3HC is the perfect choice.


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