Dawsons Music Altrincham

Store Closed

It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of this store. We have tried to maintain a presence in the town for as long as we can but it is unfortunately no longer viable. We would like to say thank you to all of our customers and to wish you all the very best in your future musical endeavours. Your nearest stores are Chester & Manchester.

Altrincham Music Shop

Despite its slightly quaint appearance, Altrincham boasts a lively music scene. Well, this is where the Stone Roses’ legendary guitarist John Squire took his first musical steps, after all.... Dawsons Music store in Altrincham has been serving the needs of these local musicians for many years, from learners, to those that have been playing for some time, to teachers, and seasoned pros.

Guitar Shop

The Altrincham Guitar Shop is simply the guitar store to visit in Altrincham. The shop is stocked with a broad selection of guitars, so wherever you are on your musical journey, we've got a guitar for you. With a range of guitars for the beginner to the pro, amps for bass, electric or electro-acoustic guitarists and a wide range of effects pedals, Dawsons Altrincham really is the ‘one-stop’ musicians shop.

Pianos & Keyboards

Altrincham has a strong heritage of pianists and our piano store offers an excellent range of acoustic and digital pianos. For those starting to learn, we have the latest Yamaha keyboards at affordable prices plus a range of digital pianos with additional features. For the more experienced pianists, we have a selection of stage pianos and digital pianos from all the leading manufacturers including Roland, Yamaha and Kawai.

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Dawsons Music School Altrincham

For those looking for music lessons, the Altrincham music store has a music school that is situated just across the street, providing lessons in Guitar, Bass and Piano, the teachers following the popular Rockschool, Yamaha and Trinity teaching courses (dependent on instrument).

Aside from the superb range of stock, and excellent teaching facilities, the expert team at Altrincham are always on hand, happy to provide advice, and share their wealth of knowledge and experience, whether you are just starting to play, are looking to upgrade, or are just in need of some help and don’t know where to start. Situated just a few hundred yards from the train & metro station, for all your musical needs, contact Dawsons Altrincham at: