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Sennheiser Microphones

When it comes to microphones Sennheiser has one to suit every occasion with instrument microphones, lavalier microphones, shotgun microphones, vocal microphones and more. From home recording to high-end studios, on-location audio capture or in-studio broadcasting, Sennheiser’s reputation for building excellent microphones that can go the distance is a well-earned one.

Whether you are using a cable or fancy going wireless our range of Sennheiser dynamic microphones will see you through. From the legendary E845 Dynamic Microphone to the XSW1-825 Wireless Vocal Set, you have the freedom to perform as you wish. Solidly built yet delightfully light weight, Sennheiser vocals microphones are ideal for those who like to move around and get lost in their performance and do not want to worry about their gear. Not only that but they are remarkably flexible too. For example, the E845 can withstand incredibly high sound pressure levels, which expands the range of recording applications that you can apply it to – stick it inside a kick drum and you will see what we mean.

Sennheiser Headphones

Whether you are a DJ, engineer, musician, producer, you can rely on Sennheiser to deliver a pair of headphones to suit the task at hand. If you are tracking in the studio then the lightweight and comfortable HD-25s are perfect for slipping on and hearing your monitor feed.

Need something flexible yet robust with excellent noise cancellation when you are DJing? Say no more, go for the HD 280 Pro DJ headphones and you will never look back. Settling in for a longer stint of tracking and recording? Then go for the HD 200 or 300 Pro, which are designed with extra padding to sit on the ears for hours on end without causing discomfort.

Making your home in the studio for the time being or are you an audiophile for whom only the best will do? You need the Sennheiser HD 650 headphones, which are designed for those who practically live with a pair of headphones wrapped delicately around their ears.