Taylor ES Go Pickup for GS Mini Guitar

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  • Taylor-designed pickup for use with Taylor GS Mini
  • Easy to install clip on design to get you up and running quickly
  • Magnetic pickup floats in the soundhole, whilst output jack is easily accessible along the bottom of the guitar
  • Rich, full voice with perfect dynamism, translating the rich tonality of your GS Mini beautifully
  • Discreet design allows you to perform with freedom
  • Allows you to connect to an amplifier for gigging with


The Taylor ES Go Pickup is designed to fit to a Taylor GS Mini; allowing you to quickly and easily get your acoustic guitar ready to be plugged into a PA system or amplifier.

The Taylor ES Go Pickup is simple to install, with no need to call upon a guitar technician, all you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes. The pickup connects to the pre-installed bracket that is part of every GS Mini and then you just need to remove the guitar’s existing endpin and replace it with the jack endpin included with the Taylor ES Go Pickup. When finished the magnetic pickup will ‘float’ in the soundhole and the output jack will be easy to access in it’s place at the bottom of the guitar.

The ES Go Pickup provides you with a rich, full voice with perfect dynamism, turning your once campfire jammer into a viable concert hall filler.

Model NameES Go Pickup

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