Teenage Engineering Pro Case For PO-16

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Strong silicone case for the Teenage Engineering PO-16
  • Styled to mirror the aesthetics of the PO-16
  • Slimline - adds no extra bulk
  • Covers all circuitry
  • Adds clearly labelled function buttons
  • Colour co-ordinated for easy identification of PO unit
  • Anti slip feet to prevent slippage on shiny surfaces
  • Provides battery protection


The Teenage Engineering pocket operator series offer a cool and unique method of synthesis. These portable and creative units offer on-the-fly creativity and fun wherever you go.

Protective layer

Whilst some may appreciate the visual and physical interaction with the circuit board of the PO device, others may be more keen to add a layer of protection. This is where the Teenage Engineering Pro Case steps in. The silicone case can be easily attached to the PO unit by removing the stand on the back and then fitting the case around the main unit. The flexible silicone material wraps over the PO device like an incredibly thick layer of skin, adding a sleek protective outer but without removing any of the functionality. An added benefit is protection for your battery.

The silicone also provides better grip and helps to prevent slippage on shiny surfaces. Overall, it makes the device more comfortable to use so many may argue that it is an improvement!

Clear labelling

The silicone is ultra lightweight, adding virtually no extra bulk, and has been styled to reflect the aesthetics of the PO-16. All the buttons on the Teenage Engineering Pro Case are clearly labelled with a picture representing their function so you will be able to find your way around with ease. The buttons are slightly raised with tactile symbols adding a very professional look and feel.

Colour coded

Finally, the Teenage Engineering Pro Case is colour coded orange to match the PO-16 so should you have more than one PO device, you will be able to instantly recognise the specific one you need. The Teenage Engineering Pro Case offers practical protection and piece of mind for your favourite pocket synths.

ManufacturerTeenage Engineering
ModelTeenage Engineering Pro Case For PO-16
Colour CodedOrange

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