The Cap Transducer Pickup

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Ideal pickup for beginners and entry level guitarists
  • Patent-pending transducer design for effective use
  • Transducer head is small enough to fit into a beer cap!
  • Easy to attach to your guitar body thanks to reusable adhesive
  • Will not blemish or damage a guitar's finish
  • Has a short cable with 1/4 inch female connector
  • Unique beer bottle cap design
  • Ensures high quality reproduction of your guitar's natural tones


For entry level musicians and beginners looking for a simple way to amplify their acoustic sound, The Cap Transducer Pickup is all you need. With its uncomplicated design, you can easily attach the pickup to your acoustic guitar and begin playing.

The Cap Transducer has a patent-pending head design which fits snugly into a beer cap, making for effective use while remaining subtle. The Cap features reusable adhesive so you can easily attach to your guitar whenever you need to use it. Plus, you can be sure that this won't blemish your guitar's bodywork.

The Cap Transducer has a 1/4 inch female connector at the end plus its beer bottle cap design is rare and unique. This means you can attach the transducer with no daunting installation and just play away.

If you’re looking for a cheap, easy solution to amplifying your acoustic instrument, this is the answer.


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