Tom'sline ADL-1 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Simple yet versatile delay pedal
  • High quality aluminium casing with brushed metal effect
  • Features Time, Feedback and Effect Level knobs
  • Smooth true bypass footswitch to engage the pedal
  • Small size to fit on even the busiest pedalboards
  • Takes a standard 9V DC adapter (not included) or 9V battery (one included for testing purposes)
  • Brilliant value for money


The Tom'sline ADL-1 Delay guitar pedal is a low noise, Digital Integrated circuit delay pedal designed to add breadth and expanse to your guitar sound. The orange coloured brushed metal effect of the aluminium alloy chassis marries good looks with the strength to withstand onstage stomping.

Intuitive Controls

The Tom'sline ADL-1 Delay pedal has three knobs to help you scope your sound to your preference. The 'Time' knob adjusts the delay time and allows you to select anything from 50ms to 400ms and the 'Feedback' knob controls how many repeats you hear so you can select anything from quick slapback to infinite space. The 'Effect Level' knob controls the output level of the delay sound, turning the knob fully clockwise will give you equal sound level to the original note you play whereas fully counter-clockwise will make no sound at all.

Robust Hardware

The pedal can be powered by either a 9V adapter or 9V battery and the LED Indicator is bright enough to be seen on any stage. If you're using a battery the LED will dim when power is low so you're forewarned if you're low on power. As you'd expect on any stompbox the input jack is on the right and the output on the left.

It's imperative to have reliable and robust gear when you're playing on stage and the Tom'sline ADL-1 Delay is no exception. The chassis is solid and built to stand firm against the heaviest foot. The pedal switch is True Bypass so you can rest assured it won't colour your tone whilst disengaged.

ModelADL-1 Delay
Delay Time50ms - 400ms
Max Input Level1.5Vrms
Input Impedance1 kohm
Max Output Level1.5Vrms
Output Impedance150 ohm
Output Noise Voltage-90dBV
Recommended Load Impedance10 kohm
Power SupplyDC 9V battery or AC adapter
Current Draw23 mA (DC 9V)
Total Harmonic Distortion50ms - 0.15% / 200ms -0.53% / 400ms 1.3%
Dimensions115(l) x 73(w) x 48mm(d)
Weight (including battery)270g
Controls Time
Effect Level
True Bypass Footswitch

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