Tom'sline AVS-3 Vacuum Stack Valve Stack Simulator Guitar Effects Pedal

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Recreates classic valve stack amp tone
  • Ultra compact high quality aluminium casing
  • Features volume, tone and gain control knobs
  • Three-way toggle switch for fat, boost or normal tone
  • Smooth true bypass footswitch to engage the pedal
  • Small size to fit on even the busiest pedalboards
  • Takes a standard 9v DC adapter (not included)
  • Brilliant value for money


The Tom'sline AVS-3 Vacuum Stack Valve Stack Simulator guitar pedal is a compact overdrive pedal that acts as a tube amp simulator. It's a simple pedal layout with the jack inputs on the sides as you'd expect and a case constructed with aluminium alloy to withstand heavy onstage stomping.

Intuitive Controls

The Tom'sline AVS-3 Vacuum Stack has three knobs, one for volume, one for tone and a third for gain giving you several options for tonal sculpting. The layout is very intuitive, meaning you spend less time figuring out and more time playing. The AVS-3 Vacuum Stack is also True Bypass so it won't colour your tone when disengaged.

There is a three-way toggle switch that changes the mode of the pedal. With it set to the 'fat' setting you have a thick, bass-heavy, high gain tone that's perfect for lead licks and heavy riffing, 'boost' mode decreases the gain slightly for a more mid-focused sound and 'normal' gives you a classic rock tube distortion tone that's clear and precise for scintillating blues and rock riffs.

Pedalboard Friendly Size

The LED indicator is bright enough to be seen on the darkest of stages and the metal stop bar is really handy, preventing you from knocking the knobs with your foot whilst playing, as well as protecting them from any heavy-footed stomping.

The footprint of the AVS-3 Vacuum Stack is minimal so it will fit on any board and requires a 9V power supply for operation. Included in the box is some 3M velcro hook and loop so you can stick it on your board straight away and get stuck in.

ModelAVS-3 Vacuum Stack Valve Stack Simulator
Dimensions92 x 38 x 32mm
Controls Volume
Three-way toggle switch
True Bypass Footswitch

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