Vic Firth American Classic Extreme X5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

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  • Vic Firth's American Classic series Extreme models offer greater reach and increased striking power
  • Hickory stick offers a medium weight with impeccable resilience
  • Lacquer coating ensures excellent resistance to moisture for consistency
  • Medium taper optimises the balance between butt and tip
  • Generous .565-inch diameter establishes a sturdy feel in the hand
  • Wood tip creates a warmer, full bodied response that is great for hard hitters
  • Tear drop tip design is perfect for light and fast performances
  • Vic Firth's sustainable manufacturing process reduces their environmental impact


The Vic Firth American Classic Extreme X5A Wood Tip Drumsticks increase the power and reach of their coveted American Classic 5A sticks, making them better than ever before.

Select hickory sticks

The X5A is designed and built using hickory, popular wood that is dense and with little flexibility to ensure a more pronounced sound. Not only that, but hickory boasts exceptional resilience, which makes it a highly durable wood to use that favours big-hitters. The diameter of the stick establishes a reassuringly generous feel in the hand, whilst the medium taper offers the perfect balance between butt and tip. The stick is coated in a slender lacquer that ensures a smooth feel without the slippage, and ensures good resistance to moisture that guarantees consistency across the stick.

As noted, the Extreme model offer half an inch extra length, which not only increases reach but also offers superior striking power. All this without making any sacrifices with regard to playing balance.

Wooden tip

The X5A features a wood tip, which offers a fuller and warmer sound compared to that of a nylon tip. The tear drop tip design is designed to accommodate lightning fast, seamless performances no matter what style of music you perform from Jazz to Metal.

Vic Firth's process

Consistency and quality is everything when it comes to playing drums, and Vic Firth remain true to that ethos in the manufacturer of their sticks. By incorporating industry-leading processes, they guarantee that their sticks are free from warping from factory to your hands, undergoing a meticulous journey from tree to finished product. Not only that, but sustainability is a crucial ingredient in the stick making process, and every effort is made to replace trees and reuse water to minimise environmental impact.

ManufacturerVic Firth
Model American Classic Extreme X5A Wood Tip Drumsticks
Stick MaterialHickory
Surface CoatingLacquer
Tip Material: Wood
Shape: Tear Drop
Surface Area: Medium
Posted on 04/10/2019 by I have used many other brands of drumsticks and I can honestly state Vic Firth sticks are of the finest quality. These sticks are matched up to form well-balanced pairs, just ready for playing any style of music.

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