Vic Firth Mute Set 10-12-14-14-22 Fusion 22

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In stock and ready to dispatch!


In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Suitable for Fusion Drum Kit
  • Suppresses volume by around 70%
  • Ideal for practicing
  • Doesn't affect your technique
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Includes mutes for kick, snare, 3 toms, hi-hats and 2 cymbals


Making practice more practical

The Vic Firth company is one of the largest suppliers of percussion equipment in the world. This set of silencer pads will cover your drums and mute your cymbals, reducing the playing volume by around 70% without cramping your style.

The player can maintain their normal playing technique when using them, making them a great aid to serious practice. Ideal if you want to a peaceful household and to stay friends with your neighbours! The pads are not just limited to the shells of the kit, they are also designed to work with your hi-hats, crash and ride cymbals.

Black finish

Finished in a sleek and universal black that will match many kits with regards to finish, the Vic Firth Mute Set has the potential to greatly increase a drummers ability owing to the fact that it makes practice possible without having to spend the earth.

The Vic Firth Mute Set Drum Silencers are suitable for a Fusion Drum Kit (22 inch bass drum). The sizes included within this set are the following; 10", 12", 14" (2), 22", hi-hat and cymbal.

ManufacturerVic Firth
ModelMute Set 10-12-14-14-22 Fusion
  • 1 x 10" Mute
  • 1 x 12" Mute
  • 2 x 14" Mute
  • 1 x 16" Mute
  • 1 x 16" to 18" Cymbal Mute
  • 1 x 20" to 22" Cymbal Mute
  • 1 x Hi-Hat Mute
  • 1 x 22" Bass Drum Mute
Suppression Level70%

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