Vic Firth Nova 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Vic Firth Nova 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks are a medium weight, highly durable drumstick
  • Made from Hickory you get a warm tone with fantastic low end character
  • Teardrop style wooden tips make them ideal for playing with a full band
  • One of the most popular choices of stick due to their balance of weight and resilience
  • Quality manufactured product from Vic Firth, who've been making drumsticks since 1963


Vic Firth have been making sticks since 1963 so they know a thing or two about manufacturing a quality product. Sticks are arguably one of the most important tools in a drummers arsenal, so making sure you've got the right set is paramount to your playing technique.

Vic's Hickory Sticks

Comprised of Hickory, the Vic Firth Nova 5A is a hardwood that is resilient and will put up with a hard-hitting drumming style. Its medium weight means that it's easy to wield and the combination of weight and durability makes it one of the most versatile types of wood you can use in a drum stick.

Tear Drop Tips

The Vic Firth Nova 5A feature teardrop style wooden tips that give you a warm tone and focused low end. The shape makes it ideal for rock music and other setups that require you to be louder than a full band, which is why 5A's are some of the most popular choices of sticks out there.

With a storied history of stickmaking, you can be assured of quality when you purchase a set of Vic Firth drumsticks. The Nova 5A's can be utilised in a variety of situations and are a sturdy yet dynamic stick, just as good for beginners as they are for the seasoned tub-thumping veteran.

ManufacturerVic Firth
ModelNova 5A
Stick MaterialHickory
Tip MaterialHickory
Tip ShapeTeardrop

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