Vox AV60 Analog Valve Guitar Amplifier

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  • Vox AV60 Analog Valve Guitar Amplifier provides a wealth of new, dynamic tube sounds
  • Classic 12AX7 powers dual triode tube
  • 60 watt amplifier with innovative speaker design
  • Analog preamp circuitry can recreate the sound of eight different tube amps
  • Adjust response of vacuum tube circuitry with a choice of four modes
  • Sealed speaker enclosure and integrated speaker baffle ensures sound clarity
  • Built-in effects offering Modulation, Delay and Reverb
  • Option to plug in a footswitch to change channels
  • Send / return and speaker output included


The Vox AV60 is a new, analog valve amplifier which hails from the AV series for 2016. Analog circuitry in a tube amp is very widely relished among guitarists due to the incredible sound it can produce, however it can often prove to be difficult to find one which falls into a modest price range. Thanks to the release of the Vox AV series, the AV60 gives you an innovative 60 watt amp of high quality, but at a low cost.


The AV60 is equipped with 60 watts of power driven by two classic 12AX7 tubes, one for a preamp, the other for the power amp. This enables the amplifier to produce dynamic, innovative tube sounds.

The AV60 has eight analog preamp circuits which essentially re-create the same sound as eight individual tube amps. By having this feature you can experience a very extensive range of tones, from clean to high-gain, as well as everything in between.


The AV series of analog amps have been decked out with four modes that allow you to slide the switch to adjust the response, simply by applying changes to the preamp and power amp tubes. The Bright and Fat switches modify the preamp tubes, with Bright allowing you to lift high frequencies, and Fat enabling you to boost low end frequencies. Bias and Reactor buttons can be used to tweak the power amp tubes; Bias can change between a range of clean or distorted tones, whereby the Reactor switch helps to adjust the amount of feedback to the power amp. These four modes allow you to access a new scope of great tones.

The AV60 is built with an integrated baffle and bass-reflex structure which produces an incredible sound output whilst it also makes sure that unwanted noise and vibration is minimalised as much as possible.

There are three built-in effects in the AV60 including Modulation, Delay and Reverb which further aid you to completely shape your sound. There is also a Power level control which allows you to adjust the overall volume of your guitar without compromising on the tone.


To get started with the AV60 you can plug your guitar in via the standard input jack, however there are some additional jacks which can enhance your experience with this amplifier. Plug in your headphones via the Headphone jack and you are given the opportunity to practice in private with a realistic, sonorous atmosphere. There is also an AUX in jack whereby you can connect an external audio device. The send / return functionality also means you can connect a compact effects unit to the AV60 to further improve your sound. If you do connect an effects pedal, you can also plug in an optional footswitch so that you can either change between channels, or engage and disengage the pedal.

The Vox AV60 Analog Valve Guitar Amplifier is an innovative amp built to high quality standards but thankfully at a lower price tag, making for the ideal studio or onstage companion at a live performance.

ModelAV60 Analog Valve Guitar Amplifier
InputsInput Jack, optional Footswitch Jack
OutputsAux Jack, Headphone Jack
Output Power60 Watts

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