Vox MV50 and BC108 Combo Pack - Rock Preset

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Provides you with remarkable sound quality and amplification
  • Single 8 inch speaker delivers great projection whilst being very portable
  • Improved low-frequency response gives you big rig sound anywhere
  • Simple MV50 head unit with AC-30 style preset and NuTube technology
  • Line out capability for connection to mixers, interfaces and headphones
  • Highly efficient class-D power amplification
  • Gain, tone and volume controls and a retro VU display on the front panel
  • Impedance switching and economy mode
  • Huge, rock tone you can take anywhere with you


The Vox MV50 and BC108 Combo Pack gives you everything you need for practice, performance and recording anywhere you need to. This excellent portable combo weighs in less than 6Kg so can be carried just about anywhere but don't be mistaken, the big cab sound you'll hear will revolutionise what you thought possible from such a small unit. Beginners and seasoned session players alike will all enjoy what this awesome mini-rig has to offer.

The MV50 amplifier with NuTube technology

Getting such a good sound out of the MV50 is thanks to the all-analog pre-amp circuit featuring Nutube, a revolutionary new vacuum tube that produces huge tube tone with a fraction of the footprint. By taking advantage of this incredible new tech, VOX’s engineers were able to push the limits on what can be achieved with such a small amplifier.

The MV50 also comes with a large number of analog components that effectively reproduce the dynamic character of a traditional tube amp. In addition to the pre-amp circuit The MV50 also boasts an efficient Class D power amp that has been custom designed for the MV50.

The BC108 portable enclosure

The BC108 is an excellent speaker cabinet which will form the vital, final part of your live rig. The BC108 hails from Vox's new Black Cab series which draws on the brand's unique design philosophy to deliver unparalleled sound quality and a well-balanced tone across the frequencies.

Vox have carefully chosen a single 8 inch speaker to power the BC108 to ensure that your practice session goes swimmingly. The cabinet has a lightweight and portable feel so you can transport it from one place to the next with ease. The BC108 Cab is powerful enough to use in a small venue or even in the rehearsal studio. Vox have also used a more compact speaker cabinet which works to improve low-frequency response.

The newly developed speaker lowers the frequency as much as possible for an abundant sound output. This is further improved by the cabinet's semi-open back design which has an oval port as it maintains a tight low-frequency sound with real quality. This is what provides you with a "forward-projecting" sound.

For a powerful combo sound without the intrusion of heavy lifting and the need for a big vehicle, the Vox MV50 and BC108 Combo Pack is an absolute winner! Available in 3 presets, AC-30, Clean and Rock, you're spoilt for choice no matter what your style.

ModelVox MV50 and BC108 Combo Pack - Rock Preset
Input/Output JacksInput x 1, Line/Phones x 1, Speaker Out x 1
PreampNutube 6P1
Output PowerMax 50W [email protected]Ω, 25W [email protected]Ω, 12.5W [email protected]Ω
Power SupplyAC adapter DC19V
Current Consumption3.43A
Impedance8 Ohms
Speaker Size1 x 8 inch
Speakers1 x 8 inch VOX Original
StyleSimple black
Included AccessoriesAC adapter

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