Vox MV50 Boutique Guitar Amplifier Head

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Currently out of stock

Please Call 01925 582 420 for Availability

  • Impressive 50-Watt guitar amp head weighing only 540grams
  • Nutube technology packs immense power into a compact form
  • Analogue circuitry ensures the smoothest tone
  • EQ switch enables the sound to be tweaked to match your cab
  • Line out capability for connection to mixers, interfaces and headphones
  • Can be used with any cabinet of similar power handling capability
  • Gain, tone and volume controls and a retro VU display on the front panel
  • Speaker emulated line/headphone output jack enables direct recording to your DAW of choice
  • Ideal for pairing with the BC108 or BC112 from Vox


The Vox MV50 Boutique Guitar Amplifier Head offers awesome analogue tones in a delightfully compact and exceptionally lightweight design. Whether you're looking for an amp head to jam with, record with, or gig with, the Vox MV50 is perfect for any situation. The Boutique model delivers legendary amp tones infused with a warmth that drips like honey, taking anywhere from fuzzy overdrive to white hot heat. Glassy cleans are delightfully articulate, with an enthusiastic energy that responds naturally to the dynamics of your performance. With a hint of compression that mirrors a typical traditional vacuum tube amp, the MV50 Boutique is a dream come true for today's guitarists.

Nutube technology

Since its introduction, Vox's Nutube technology has wowed guitarists all over the world. The revolutionary design produces the distinctive vacuum tube drive that is so coveted by guitarists, but does so with the fraction of the footprint. The result is monstrous tones in a tiny amplifier that can be carried in the hand from home to gig.

The analogue circuitry responds dutifully to the dynamics of your performance to reproduce the characteristics of a traditional tube amp. However, you are spared the cost of maintenance or painstaking upkeep that comes with vintage amp design. You have peace of mind in knowing that your amp can be pushed to the limit without having to worry about replacing expensive components.

Big or small cab compatible

The Vox MV50 can an EQ switch on the rear panel, which can be set to "Flat" or "Deep". If you are using a smaller cab, switching to "Deep" mode will emphasize low frequencies to create a pronounced energy. With a larger cab, the "Flat" setting allows you to take advantage of the units’ natural responsiveness. The adaptability of the MV50 Boutique means that it is fantastic for any setup, large or small.

Recording- and practice-friendly

The Vox MV50 Boutique features a line/headphone out that enables it to be connected directly to a mixer, audio interface, or your favourite pair of headphones. The speaker-emulated design means that whenever and wherever you are, you can practise your chops or lay down some licks in style.

ModelMV50 Boutique Guitar Amplifier Head
Dimensions (H x W x D) 75 x 135 x 100 mm
Weight540g/1.19 lbs.
Input/Output JacksInput x 1, Line/Phones x 1, Speaker Out x 1
PreampNutube 6P1
Output PowerMax 50W RMS at 4Ohms, 25W RMS at 8Ohms, 12.5W RMS at 16Ohms
Power SupplyAC adapter DC19V
Current Consumption3.43A
Included AccessoriesAC adapter

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