Vox VT100X Guitar Amplifier

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  • High quality 100 watt guitar amplifier with built in virtual elements technology
  • Valvetronix preamp uses a vacuum tube multi-stage amplification circuit
  • Hybrid digital and analog power amp for incredible tone
  • High-performance DSP delivers next-level sound quality
  • Unique chassis design provides rich low-end and overwhelming amp resonance
  • Tone Room editor/librarian lets you customize the amps and effects
  • A broad range of 11 realistic amp models and 13 high quality on-board effects
  • 33 preset programs including signature sounds of famous guitarists


The new Vox VTX series incorporates long-standing features such as the tried and tested valvetronix preamp, vintage style sealed cabinets and a clean, simple control panel, and mixes in cutting edge technology to give you the power to create astonishing guitar tones with ease.

Virtual elements technology

Taking amp modelling to the next level is Vox’s virtual elements technology. As the name suggests, this means that the Vox VTX range not only accurately simulates amp models, but also reproduces the characteristics of components and circuits. This gives you a level of amp simulation that truly embodies the character of the amp you desire to use. You get a total of 11 built in amps to play with which can be extended to 20 via the free editor/librarian software for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

Valvetronix preamp

To ensure you get the best from the Vox VTX, you get classic analog circuitry in the form of a valvetronix preamp. This circuit reproduces with incredible accuracy the distinctive distortion, fast response and rich tonal character of classic tube amps. When combined with the virtual elements technology system, the results are mindblowing.

In addition to this, you get the one of the best hybrid digital/analog power amp set-ups to date, allowing for changes in dynamic response that you can customise to your exact specification.

Digital signal processing

Once you have set up the VTX to obtain the model of amp you desire, you can then apply a range of incredible DSP effects. For the VT20X, VT40X and VT100X Vox have vastly improved their effects capabilities by delivering incredible sample-rates to ensure you get the best ability to shape your sound.

Unique chassis

All of this technology wouldn’t prove as powerful if it were not in an equally impressive cabinet and the Vox VTX has you covered here too. The tightly-sealed cabinet also incorporates a proprietary bass-reflex structure to efficiently deliver a sound with tight response without being too overwhelming.

Tone room

The icing on the cake is in the form of the Tone Room editor/library software available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android! No matter what computer or device you use, you have powerful editing capabilities giving you in-depth access to model and DSP editing. You can then save 3 custom models into the VTX amp and store others in the software for when you need them.

The new VTX series from Vox manage to pack in an incredible amount of technology and mix it with just the right amount of vintage ethos to deliver one of the best portable amps on the market to date.

Type of AmpCombo
Wattage100 Watts
Speaker Size12"
Amp Models11 (20 when used with editor/librarian software)
DSP Types13 (60 when used with editor/librarian software)
Posted on 21/12/2017 by I bought the Vox VT100X after hearing demos online. All I can say is the videos do not do this amp justice.
The amp is very very easy to use. And sounds outstanding. I love my Mustang 3 v2 amp, but this Vox just blows its doors off. Warm punchy articulate and touch sensitive. The tone room app is a plus.
You really need the VFS-5 footswitch.
No USB recording was a bit of a let down.
No send/returns or other outputs.
The only thing really bad is lack of documentation, the tone room app is quite good but having to guess is the only way to learn to use it. There is a "?" Button but its as much use as the manual. Thank god the actual amp is piece of cake.

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