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The Clarinet is a part of the woodwind family of instruments and delivers a diverse palette of tones thanks to its intricate key combination. The Clarinet delivers the largest range of all woodwind instruments going from the E below middle to C to a full two octaves above. They have a warm and bright tonal quality that helps them cut through in a busy orchestra setting, with their harmonically rich sound providing a distinctive sound.


The Clarinet can be made from various materials including wood, plastic, rubber, metal, and resins such as ABS. Beginner range Clarinets tend to be made of ABS and as you move towards professional level Clarinets, you will find that most are made from various woods including African Blackwood and Honduran Rosewood.


At Dawsons Music & Sound we have got plenty of options for your first or next Clarinet purchase. Whether you need something for your first outing or something to use at your next concert we offer excellent brands such as Yamaha, Odyssey, Jupiter, Stagg and many more. Your Clarinet can be used to play a wide variety of styles be it in a traditional orchestral setting, jazz band and many other musical styles.

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