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Recorders are members of the Woodwind family of instruments and are often the first instrument that many primary school pupils are introduced to. Recorders are distinguished by the presence of a thumbhole for the upper hand and several fingerholes, three for the upper hand and four for the lower hand. The recorder is often described as clear and sweet sounding, it is an instrument that is immediately accessible to players of all ages yet exceptionally difficult to master.


History of the Recorder


The earliest known reference of the recorder was documented in Europe during the Middle Ages, and it was a widely used instrument during the Renaissance and Baroque periods before its appeal waned during the Classical and Romantic periods. However, luminaries such as Monteverdi, Purcell, Handel, Vivaldi, JS Bach all composed pieces for the recorder, as well as modern maestros Benjamin Britten and Leonard Bernstein.


Moving away from classical music, the recorder has seen its way onto many contemporary albums by legendary artists such as The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and more.


Types of Recorder


Though most will remember the soprano (aka “descant”) model from their school days, recorders come in various size such as alto, tenor, bass, contrabass, sub-contrabass, and more.


Traditional materials used in the construction of recorders include hardwoods and ivory. However, due to the environmental impact of using such materials and greater mindfulness towards sustainability, alternative varieties of hardwoods, plastics such as bakelite, and synthetic ceramics have been adopted in their place.


At Dawsons Music & Sound we stock models from all leading brands such as Yamaha, Aulos, Konig & Meyer, Montford, Nuvo, and Stagg.

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