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Woodwind Reeds are thin strips of material that vibrate to produce sound in a musical instrument. The material used to make woodwind instrument reeds varies from cane to metal to synthetic material, depending upon the instrument it is designed for.


Traditional cane reeds require soaking before use, as this makes them more pliable and therefore easier to play. Modern day materials used to craft synthetic reeds eliminate the need to soak them prior to use and extends the life of the reed as a result.


Types of Woodwind Reeds


Single reeds can be found on the mouthpieces of instruments such as clarinets and saxophones. The back of each reed is flat and placed against the mouthpiece. The reed works in tandem with the mouthpiece to make the air within the instrument vibrate as you blow into it.


Double reeds are used on instruments such as the oboe, bassoon, bagpipes, and more. Rather than using them in partnership with a mouthpiece, the two reeds vibrate against each other to create their signature sound.


Synthetic Woodwind Reeds


The life cycle of traditional woodwind reeds depends on how often the instrument is used, the breaking in time of the reeds, and how much attention one pays to instrument care and maintenance. However, opting for synthetic reeds can be a cost effective and time-saving way to ensure that your instrument is always ready to play. Synthetic reeds are considerably more durable compared to those made from traditional materials and offer the perfect solution for beginners or less experienced players.


At Dawsons Music & Sound we offer a wide selection of woodwind reeds from leading manufacturers such as D’Addario, Rico, Vandoren, Legere, Juno, and more.

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