Yamaha CP73 Digital Stage Piano

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  • Powerful stage piano with an 73-key Balanced Hammer Standard keyboard
  • AWM2 sound engine powers 57 premium voices and 160 live-set-sounds
  • 128-note polyphony for expressive performance without note drop-outs
  • Reverb, chorus and other effects to add shine to your performance
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Layer and split modes to create rich soundscapes
  • Balanced hammer action keyboard provides authentic EP feel
  • LCD screen for display of sound and functions
  • Built in 3 band EQ system to manipulate your sound


The Yamaha CP73 stage piano is the smaller sibling of the fully-weighted CP88. Featuring the same incredible sound engine, controls, effects and connectivity but utilises a 73-note balanced hammer action keyboard that hits the sweet spot of incredible touch whilst remaining lightweight. If you need a stage performing machine that's portable, you should check the CP73 out!

Easy to use - great for stage

The CP73 is designed for the stage and has an interface that makes accessing all features of the CP73 quick and easy. Voice category buttons give you immediate access to your favourite sounds making changing voices mid-performance very simple. The large lighted buttons make it easy to split and layer sounds even in the darkest of venues, allowing you to switch from a full piano, to a piano voice layered with strings, or piano with a split bass sound. Seamless sound switching also means that the natural decay and release of a tone will not be cut when changing sounds, making your performance sound totally organic.

Balanced Hammer Standard 73 note keyboard

The Yamaha CP73 features a freshly designed, 73-key balanced action that gives you that authentic electric piano feel that's so satisfying to play. It even features an “E-to-E” keyboard – perfect for playing in a band suited to guitar and bass arrangements. Balanced action is useful when playing a variety of sounds from acoustic piano to organ or even synth and is one of the most popular "feels" a keys player can have in a keyboard.

Built in effects

To polish and personalise, the CP73 comes with a full digital effects processor built in. Reverbs ranging from small rooms to massive halls, rich choruses, compression, EQ and an array of insertion effects can be layered onto your sound and stored for later use in any of the 64 user performance memory allocations. A 3-band EQ is also built in allowing for you to tweak the timbre to your exact specification.

Flexible connectivity

Control and connectivity are key to any performer and above the keyboard, you'll find pitch-bend and modulation levers, all manner of logically laid out encoders to alter the volumes, effects and timbre of multiple voices and a clear LCD screen to display any vital info. The CP73 has connections for 2 foot controllers, MIDI and USB MIDI and storage. For audio, there is a pair of 1/4" jack outputs and for quiet playing and practice, there's a headphone output too for when quiet practice or monitoring is required.

The Yamaha CP73 Digital Stage Piano is nothing short of incredible. For the musician that needs authentic piano feel, and incredible sound engine but still needs something portable, the CP73 is a must.

Dimensions (W x H x D)1086 x 144 x 355mm
Sound EngineAWM2 - 128 voices of polyphony
Voices57 Voices (10 Piano, 14 E-Piano, 33 Sub)
Live Set Sounds160 Live-Set-Sounds (80 Presets)
Effects 23 Insert Effects
2 Delay Effects
Connectivity Output [L/MONO]/[R] 6,3 mm jack
Output [L/MONO]/[R] XLR
PHONES (6,3 mm stereo jack)
Input [L/MONO]/[R] 6,3 mm jack
Foot Controller 1 & 2
Foot Switch Sustain/Assignable

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