Yamaha GL1 Guitar Ukulele

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Currently out of stock

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  • Yamaha GL1 Guitar Ukulele is a compact guitar with an impressive sound
  • Soprano ukulele-sized acoustic guitar
  • Spruce top contributes to its projection
  • Meranti back and sides work with the spruce to offer a fantastic tone
  • Uses soft feel nylon strings which feel easier to play
  • A to A tuning
  • Offers incredible tone and playability
  • Ideal for travelers and easy to carry at only 70cm long with a short scale neck
  • Includes a fitted gigbag for added protection


No one needs this instrument, but want one, you definitely will. The Yamaha GL1 Guitar Ukulele is one of those instruments that you know is going to be fun, just by looking at it.

Why Get One?

With the same dimensions as a quarter-sized classical guitar, it is the perfect travel companion for any guitarist, of any level, or even just as an extra guitar that you can pick up and play anytime you have a little spare time to kill but not enough to get your main instrument out. Another example of a practical use for the GL1 is as an introductory guitar for younger players, who want a nice sounding guitar to begin on. This is no toy however; check out the YouTube clip on this page to hear it being played.

Sounds like a Uke, Plays like a Guitar

With the ukulele having gained resurgence in popularity in recent years, a lot of guitarists have found themselves lusting after one. For those who feel less comfortable with ukuleles, or who don’t know where to begin with when moving from six to four strings, the Yamaha GL1 Guitalele Ukulele is the perfect crossover instrument. With an A-A tuning (A/D/G/C/E/A), like a guitar with a capo placed at the fifth fret, and its smaller body sized, you get a sound that is similar to that of a ukulele but with the familiar playability of a guitar. A Gigbag is included, and when it comes to restring, just pick up some normal tension classical guitar strings and snip them to a suitable length.

Clothing Optional

Let’s be clear, this is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, but only because it is ill advised to play nude, as the Yamaha GL1 Guitar Ukulele’s shrunken dimensions won’t leave much to the imagination.

Body Depth 70-70 mm (2 13/16"-2 13/16")
Finger Board Width (Nut/Body) 48 mm (1 7/8")
Top Spruce
Back Meranti
Side/Rib Meranti
Neck Nato
Finger Board Sonokeling
Bridge Sonokeling
Strings Scale 433 mm (17")
Soft Case Gig Bag
Finish Natural Matte
Posted on 16/12/2014 by After a 3 year break from guitars, I moved to playing a uke about a year ago and really enjoyed the local Southampton Jam group sessions. However I wanted to get back to both guitar & uke playing but the guitar felt so strange and my chord memory had almost evaporated. So I bought the guitalele as a cheap bridge back to guitar. Out of the box it was fine - however its in the ADGCEA tuning & I wanted to play with uke friends. I tried to tune it to EADGBE but the string tension felt far too floppy.After a bit of research and playing with string tension formula from D`Addrio, I decided to simply drop all the string down the fret board so the 6 th string became the 5th etc . I had to add a Hard tension 6th Low E. The result was very acceptable now tuned to EADGBE std guitar tuning. I will now probably replace all the strings with Hard tension versions and again down 1 string to increase the tension a little more - about 12 lbs per sting. So I`m really happy with the £50 Xmas gift and the guitar skills are returning very quickly.

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