Yamaha MG10XU 10-Channel Mixer

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  • 10-channel mixing desk that gives you power on the go
  • High-grade SPX effects with 6 programs for versatile FX control
  • 24-bit/192kHz, 2in/2out USB audio functionality
  • Compatible with iPad (2 or later) via the USB connection
  • “D-PRE” mic preamps offer a flat response when increasing levels
  • Inverted Darlington circuit increases power with lower impedance
  • Robust chassis designed to cope with the rigours of the road
  • Includes Cubase AI DAW download information, AC adapter, owner's manual, and technical specifications


The Yamaha MG10XU 10-channel mixer combines a neat and intuitively designed layout, road-ready toughness and studio-ready stability. The team at Yamaha have poured all of their experience into this little beauty to offer the highest possible quality interface between your gear and PA and/or DAW.

The MG10XU has 10 channels with 4 mic inputs, each featuring Yamaha's studio-quality discrete class-A "D-PRE" preamps to give the best low-noise/high-gain ratio possible. These cleverly designed preamps utilise an inverted Darlington circuit, which provides incredible power with much lower impedance. What this means is that your signal feed will remain unblemished by interference or noise, so all that is captured remains as true as possible; even if you need to crank up the gain, you won't encounter problems with colouration or distortion. Therefore, you can save a lot of studio time - EQing or fixing any problems - by capturing your recordings clearly from the start.

Each mic input includes switchable +48V Phantom Power to keep your condenser mics running at their very best, consistently. There is also a Pad switch to prevent clipping from high-energy sound sources when miked up. Balanced XLR outputs enable you to send signal feeds directly to your monitors, so that no matter how big or small your setup is, you can rest assured that the audio quality will not be compromised in any way.

Recognising the importance of Compression over your live signal mix, Yamaha have developed a 1-knob control. You can very easily and simply give more bounce to your drums, tightness to bass guitar and cleaner vocals. For rapid signal shaping, the MG10XU has built-in 3-band EQ on all mono channels, as well as high-pass filters to effectively cut out unwanted low frequencies from the mix. As you'd expect on a high performance-mixing console, AUX/Effect Sends/Group functions are all present and work fantastically. The incredibly powerful built-in SPX Digital Effects - including Reverb and Delay controls - can be controlled via these functions to bring your live mix to life.

For those who prefer to, you can record directly to iPad (2 or later) via the USB connection and using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. This opens up even more opportunities for capturing both live mixes on the road or quickly capturing ideas when recording. Included with the MG10XU is a download version of the powerful Cubase AI DAW to get you up and running straight away.

The solid, powder-coated metal chassis, is built to be the perfect partner on the road. Every fader, knob and switch feels reassuringly sturdy and of excellent quality. The interface feel very familiar and you'll master the layout in next to no time. If you're looking for an affordable mixing desk for home recording or live sound reinforcement, then the Yamaha MG10XU 10-channel mixing desk is an excellent choice!

ModelMG10XU 10-Channel Mixer
Dimensions (H x W x D) 71 x 244 x 294 mm
Weight 2.1kg
Mixing Capability On-board processors: SPX algorithm - 24 programs
Connectivity Inputs: Mono[MIC/LINE] x 4
Stereo[LINE] x 3

Outputs: STEREO OUT x 2
Phones x 1

Stereo Bus x 1
Aux Send x 1
Phantom Power +48V
Input Channel Functions PAD: 26dB (Mono)
Compressor: 1-knob compressor Threshold: +22 dBu to -8 dBu, Ratio: 1:1 to 4:1, Output level: 0 dB to 7 dB, Attack time: approx. 25 msec, Release time: approx. 300 msec
EQ HIGH: (Mono) Gain: +15 dB/-15 dB, Frequency: 10 kHz shelving
EQ LOW (Mono) Gain: +15 dB/-15 dB, Frequency: 100 Hz shelving
PEAK LED: LED turns on when post EQ signal reaches 3 dB below clipping
Level Meter 2 x 12 -segment LED meter [PEAK, +10, +6, +3, 0, -3, -6, -10, -15, -20, -25, -30 dB]
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.02 % @ +14dBu (20 Hz to 20kHz)
GAIN knob: Min, 0.003 % @ +24dBu (1kHz)
GAIN knob: Min
Frequency Response +0.5 dB/-1.0 dB (20 Hz to 48 kHz)
Refer to the nominal output level @ 1 kHz
GAIN knob: Min
Hum & Noise Level Equivalent input noise: -128 dBu (Mono Input Channel, Rs: 150, GAIN knob: Max)
Residual output noise: -102 dBu (STEREO OUT, STEREO LEVEL knob: Min)
Effects Reverb: Hall 1, Hall 2, Room 1, Room 2, Stage 1, Stage 2, Plate, Drum Ambience, Early Reverb, Gate Reverb
Delay: Single Delay, Delay, Vocal Echo, Karaoke
Phaser 1, Phaser 2
Chorus 1, Chorus 2
Auto Wah
Radio Voice
Pitch Change
Crosstalk-83 dB
Power Requirements PA-10 (AC 38 VCT, 0.62A, Cable length=3.6 m) or equivalent recommended by Yamaha
Power Consumption22.9 W
Operating Temperature0 to +40˚C
Compatibility iPad (2 or later) via the USB connection and using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
Included Accessories AC Adaptor, Owner's Manual, Cubase AI Download Information, Technical Specifications
Optional Extras Mic Stand Adaptor BMS-10A, Foot Switch FC5

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