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Currently out of stock

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  • Unique new synthesizer with motion control technology
  • Powerful AWM2 and FM-X sound engines deliver astonishing performance
  • Velocity and aftertouch sensitive FLX keyboard
  • 1900 performance ready voices with limitless combinations
  • Intuitive physical controls for manipulating voices in real time
  • 7 inch TFT Color Wide VGA LCD touch screen for hands on control
  • Built in 16-part sequencer for creating epic songs
  • Powerful effects engine with reverb, insert and master FX
  • USB, MIDI and a whole host of assignable audio inputs and outputs


There is always pressure within the synthesizer market to innovate and bring new and powerful music creation tools to the table so that producers and musicians can create the next 'big sound'.

Yamaha are one company that remain world leaders when it comes to such technology and the Montage 6 Synthesizer is here to prove it. Featuring a new motion control synth engine, 2 acclaimed sound sources, a staggering amount of performance ready sounds and sequencer capability, the Montage series synths will take your production power to new heights.

Expression and input

This version of the Montage features a lightweight, synth-action FLX 61-note keyboard complete with initial and aftertouch response to give you exceptional dynamic control and voice manipulation. The motion control synth engine will take your input and translate it to unify and control two iconic Sound Engines, the AWM2 high-quality waveform and subtractive synth, and FM-X modern pure Frequency Modulation synth engines.

This procedure may sound complicated but thanks to the intuitive control surface and powerful 7 inch TFT Color Wide VGA LCD touch screen, you will experience a workflow that is clean and simple so that you can focus purely on the music. Such controls as the Super Knob allow you to warp sounds out of this dimension whilst 8 assignable rotary encoders let you adjust specific elements of the sound.

Motion sequencing

The Montage 6 is capable of 16-part multi-timbral functionality so that you can create tracks that would make a professional engineer blush. Motion sequencing allows you to completely customise control sequences that can be assigned to virtually any synthesizer parameter and provide incredible creative new ways of programming sound with ease.

Any of the 1,900 performance ready sounds can be manipulated and enhanced with the vast array of built in digital effects ranging from reverb, delay, chorus through to Vinyl Break or Bit Crusher to get some cutting edge EDM sound at the touch of a button.

Versatile workflow

The Montage 6 can lend itself just as well to liver performers as it can writers and producers. The vast amount of connectivity means it can easily fit into any workflow to work alongside computers and MIDI/USB musical equipment from any era.

The Yamaha Montage 6 Synthesizer is arguably the most powerful synthesizer available today and is guaranteed to blow the lid off your production and performance capability, and raises the bar when it comes to synthesizer powerhouses.

Model NameMontage 6
Dimensions (H x W x D)131 x 1037 x 396mm
Keyboard Number of Keys: 61
FSX Keyboard
Initial and Aftertouch
Display7" TFT Color Wide VGA LCD touch screen
Voices Tone Generation: Motion Control Synthesis Engine AMW2: 8 Elements FM-X: 8 Operators, 88 Algorithms
Polyphony: AWM2: 128 (max.; stereo/mono waveforms) FM-X: 128 (max.)
Multitibral Capacity: 16 Parts (internal), Audio Input Parts (A/D*, USB*) *stereo Part
Wave: Preset: 5.67 GB (when converted to 16 bit linear format), User: 1.75 GB
Performance: 1,900
Effects Reverb x 12 types
Variation x 76 types
Insertion (A, B) x 76 types
Master Effect x 15 types
A/D part insertion x 71 types
Controllers Master Volume
AD Input Gain knob
Pitch Bend wheel
Modulation wheel
Ribbon Controller
Control Sliders x 8
Knobs x 8
Super Knob
Data dial
Performance Recorder Tracks: 16 Sequence tracks, Tempo track, Scene track
Recording Type: Real time replace, Real time overdub, Real time punch in/out
Note Capacity: Approx. 130,000 notes
Note Resolution: 480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
Tempo: 5 - 300 bpm
Songs: 64
Arpeggio: Parts: 8 Parts simultaneous (max.), Preset: Approx. 10,000 types User: 256 types
Sequence formats: MONTAGE original format, SMF formats 0, 1
Connectivity [USB TO DEVICE]
OUTPUT (BALANCED) [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, Balanced TRS jacks)
ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT (BALANCED) [L]/[R] (6.3 mm, Balanced TRS jacks)
[PHONES] (6.3 mm, standard stereo phone jack)
A/D INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks)

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