Yamaha THR10 Guitar Amplifier

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  • The Yamaha THR10 Amplifier has everything you require in an amp
  • Portable and compact so you can practice and record anywhere
  • Produces a realistic tube amp sound using Yamaha VCM technology
  • Includes 8 different amp model types to choose from and has user memory function
  • Many onboard effects including chorus, flanger, delay and reverb
  • AUX input allows you to plug in external audio and use headphones
  • Connect to computer via USB and edit your sounds using THR Editor
  • Can be powered by mains or batteries
  • Includes Cubase AI download code to use amp as an audio interface


The Yamaha THR10 amp is the result of Yamaha's accumulated research into what the guitarist of today needs from a practice amp. Great functions, beautiful tone and hi-fi stereo sound are all housed in a head turning, vintage styled exterior. You get all of this in a head amp-shaped cabinet that gives you the option of being battery or mains powered and its small enough to be truly portable.

It may sound like an obvious statement but the Yamaha THR10 amp has been purpose built for practice. This is to say that Yamaha's idea with this amp was to create something unique for the practicing guitarist, rather than create a cut down version of a larger amp. With this in mind Yamaha researched the environments that guitarists like to practice in and how they like to practice to create an amp that would sound amazing for the purpose it was created for. This has been paired with a range of functions that you'll actually want to use in practice, that have again been fine-tuned to give you the best sound possible.

Saying the Yamaha THR10 amp is portable is an understatement. With a battery-operation function, built-in tuner, top-quality stereo speakers, tube amp sound and 8 onboard effects all housed in a small beautifully form retro box you'll want to carry it everywhere with you, and weighting just 2kg you can! The simplicity of this practice amp is what guitarists have been crying out for. It’s about as 'plug and play' as you can get without cutting down the quality, just add batteries! Also for the home recording beginner the amp can be used as an audio interface, coming supplied with Cubase AI.

When it comes to guitar sound quality, reproduction is key. You want the best from your guitar; an amp that isn't speaking the same language won't impress anyone. Knowing the importance of this Yamaha have used their Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology in the Yamaha THR10. Based around the circuitry of legendary amps this technology will give you the tonal breadth and sound shaping of the original tube amps. It also never loses sound quality when the volume is reduced, an essential feature of a practice amp.

Based around Yamaha's extended stereo technology the speakers give great breadth to your sound, as if they are separate from the main unit. This alongside the Yamaha THR10 amp's wide frequency range and ability to meld sounds naturally with your guitar give a high quality of sound that belies its small dimensions.

Having a larger enclosure than the THR5, the Yamaha THR10 adds more mid and low range its sound. On top of the five amp type modes available on the smaller model you also get bass amp modeling, electro-acoustic mic simulation and a flat channel (for keyboards and vocals). With a 3-Band EQ and memory function (located on the top of the control panel), you can save up to five amp sounds with the amp set up for various effects.

Model THR10 Guitar Amplifier
Dimensions (H x W x D) 183.5 x 360 x 140 mm
Amp Type Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit HI, Modern, Bass, Acoustic Flat
Effects Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Delay/Reverb, Spring Reverb, Hall Reverb, *Compressor, *Noise Gate (*only available in the THR Editor)
Controls Amp, Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Effect, Delay/Reverb, Guitar Output, USB/AUX Output, User Memory Switch x 5, Tap/Tuner Switch
Inputs/Outputs Input jack (1/4” Mono)
Aux In (Stereo Mini)
Power Output10 Watts (5W + 5W)
Power Supply AC Adaptor: EADP-38EB A (Included)
Battery: AA Alkaline batteries (approx. 6 hours depending upon usage and conditions)
Speaker2 x 8cm Full Range Speaker
Included Accessories AC Adapter
USB Cable
Stereo Mini Cable
Unique Features Chromatic Tuner
EAN 4957812502214
Posted on 31/10/2012 by I cannot recommend this product highly enough. The tonal range is pretty limitless from indie to the blackest of metal this baby has got you covered. I can never be bothered to set up my rig so I just stick my guitar into this and I can’t put it down. Its great as a practice amp, it sounds awesome playing music through it. But I think my favourite part of this bundle is the Cubase software. It’s dead easy to setup and a doddle to get recording. I have used it to lay down some guitar parts with different effects on. Being able to record riffs that pop into your head is great so they don’t get lost.

If you are a guitarist you need one of these.

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