Zildjian John Otto Artist Signature Drumsticks

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Artist series sticks designed for John Otto
  • Great feeling and highly playable


The backbone behind Limp Bizkit, John is no stranger to putting drum kits to the test. Combining the strength of 100% US Hickory and a beefed up neck with a hefty wodden barrel shaped tip and a stricking Chrome signature on a Charcoal stained drumstick, like John, this stick won't back down from power packed playing.

Posted on 23/12/2012 by I usually play 7a sticks and as I've not been playing long thought I'd try out some new'uns.

I didn't get these for the look or name on the stick. I picked them up, tried them on a practice pad and HAD to have them. They are a similar size and weight to my regular 7As but for some reason I play a lot louder with these. They also seem to give me a slightly punchier sound.

Great sticks, we'll see how long they last but I'd definitely buy them again.

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