Zoom MS-70CDR Multistomp Effects Pedal

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Multi effects pedal for use with bass or guitar
  • Provides up to 86 guitar and bass effects
  • Store your own effects in up to 50 memory locations
  • Comes with 40 preset patches
  • Handy chromatic tuner for retuning guitars and basses
  • Lightweight, sturdy construction with backlit LCD screen
  • Set delay and modulation rates with Tap Tempo
  • Can last up to 7 hours on 2x AA alkaline batteries
  • Small enough for your gigbag and pedalboard


The Zoom MS70CDR is a effects pedal built for both guitarists and bassists. Small and compact, this multistomp saves room on your pedalboard and is portable enough to bring from one gig to the next. With plenty of diverse effects to choose from, this pedal has everything you need in one, single stompbox.


This single pedal provides a total of 86 different effects for use with guitar or bass. Zoom split up the effects into categories to facilitate use of the pedal. The effects' sections are Chorus, Delay and Reverb, and these open up a world of sound. Encompassing anything from the classic to the modern, this pedal is a true performer. Offering 26 mono and stereo delays, 31 chorus and modulation effects, this pedal can single-handedly emulate various other effects pedals and modelers. Zoom have also fitted the MS70CDR with a leading DSP microchip for studio-quality effects as well as 25 simulations that expand your sound.

There are two different graphic equalisers, one for the guitar and the other for bass guitar. The pedal is designed with the Zoom Noise Reduction algorithm to prevent any unwanted sounds.


Zoom have worked hard on making the MS70CDR an easy-to-use pedal for use in either the recording studio or onstage. Stereo input jacks allow you to use the pedal either with active or passive instruments, or even with electronic keyboards and effects processors. It also features dual line-level output jacks so you can record multiple sounds and effects in stereo.

The MS70CDR enables you to use 6 different effects at the same time and in any chosen order. The pedal also features 50 patch memories, perfect for storing your custom-made effects, and improved by 30 pre-loaded effects with factory settings. You don't have to worry about losing anything you have made thanks to the Auto Save function, which can keep up to 26 patches. By pressing down on the footswitch you can run through these patches, an ideal feature for a live musician. Furthermore, the backlit LCD screen allows the user to see the settings easily in a dark venue.

Zoom have added in an onboard chromatic tuner which helps you to retune your guitar or bass in a wide range of standard or drop tunings. The Tap Tempo feature makes it easy to set delay or modulation rates in real time.

Power and Efficiency

To power the MS70CDR you only need two AA batteries (either alkaline or rechargeable NiMH). As soon as you plug in your guitar or bass to the input jack, the pedal comes on automatically. When the pedal is not in use for some time, the Power Management function kicks in, switching the pedal off to save the battery.

When using AA batteries to power the pedal, it can last up to 7 hours, which is plenty of playing time to practise and perform. There are also options to power up using an AC adapter or USB port.

The Zoom MS70CDR Multistomp Chorus / Delay / Reverb pedal has a lot to offer in a very compact package, and also comes with a handy user manual.

Model NameMS-70CDR Multistomp Effects Pedal
Dimensions (H x W x D)2.3 x 3.05 x 5.13 inches
ConnectorsDual INPUT Jacks, Dual OUTPUT Jacks, AC Adaptor Jack (DC 9 V), USB port
Power SupplyDC 9 V: Dry Battery 9 V type (6F22/9 V), AC Adaptor
Included AccessoriesOperation Manual, AA size (LR6) battery x2
Posted on 18/08/2017 by This pedal is fab. It might not sound quite as good as the dedicated effects it's trying to model, but it's not far off in some cases, and it's very versatile. Up to six effects on one patch. It'll do far more than just 'chorus/delay/reverb' - it's got an almost-identical emulation of the Line 6 Particle Reverb in it, and it'll do passable pitch-shift and Univibe sounds too. For Just £90 it's great value for money, and useful to have around to pair up with more expensive effects too.
Posted on 20/07/2017 by Zoom seem to have trouble shaking off their (perhaps unfair) reputation for being 'jack of all trades, master of none', perhaps due to their wacky 1990s inventions (such as the strap-on mini multieffects such as the Zoom 9002 (see here: https://planetbotch.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/the-zoom-9002-guitar-multi-fx-processor.html).

However, if you'd shown me this thing as a younger guitarist in 1992, I'd have fainted! For £90, it can't be stressed that this is a great, great little unit. It's a sophisticated multi-effects processor crammed into a very light stompbox. There are almost too many effects to list, and Zoom might be doing themselves a disservice here by calling it 'Chorus/Delay/Reverb'. As well as the choruses (which include imitations of the EHX Small Clone, the Boss CE-1 and so on), you get two flangers, a phaser, a vibrato, and a surprisingly good Univibe emulation. There are pitchshift effects, pitchshifted delays., tape echo emulations, filtered delays, 'Sample and Hold' delays, Multitaps, all sorts! And for the reverbs, the standout has got to be Zoom's recreation of the granular particle reverb first seen in the Line 6 M5 modeller. Actually, it looks like they might just have stolen the algorithm from Line 6, so close is the emulation...

No - the quality isn't quite up to Strymon, Neunaber et. al. There's a slight digital 'metallicness' still lingering around some of these effects patches. But it's very slight! In a mix, you might be hard pressed to tell the difference. Bear in mind just how much Strymon effects cost. Of course, they're lovely, but most of us just haven't got £500 knocking around most of the time. And if you are lucky to have a few more expensive boutique effects (I've been putting this before some Earthquaker pedals), it will expand your sonic palette considerably. Given that Zoom have chucked a few other features in - including an adjustable tuner, USB connections for Firmware upgrades, a battery option, a noise gate, a line selector - I think it's fair to say that this thing is astonishing value for money. In theory up to six effects can be chained, but some of the patches are quite CPU-heavy, so in reality it might be more like 3 or 4. But even so...

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